I tell the story — and this one is true — of how at eleven years of age, two questions embedded themselves in me: Who am I? and How shall I live?

Those two questions became my life’s path. I was led on countless adventures throughout the world, where I learned how to live authentically and speak truthfully. These are prerequisite competencies for true success in any human endeavor, which for me includes finding answers to those two questions.

In 1973, I stepped into the Indian ashram of Swami Muktananda, to visit a friend I had met in Turkey months before. I thought I’d be there a few days; I left more than a decade later. In 1985, I embarked on my own professional journey with a motto of Have Mouth, Will Travel — as a self-awareness facilitator, life coach, leadership consultant, public speaker, and public speaking guru. I even became a certified fire walk instructor! I’ve published eight books and some 300 articles on themes relating to those two questions.

In my various roles, I’ve spoken to and worked with individuals, couples, groups, and organizations of all kinds: a veritable cultural cross section of people from all over the world, from corporate executives to rock musicians, Olympic athletes to fashion designers, spiritual teachers to holistic healers, authors and actors to activists, entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms, educators to thought leaders.


And — oh, yes — I even managed to stare down (so far) a 2012 diagnosis of terminal stage 4 lung cancer. (My contrarian nature just delights at the fact I am still here.)

As to my public speaking and various services: I do not offer anything “off the rack.” I do not offer predetermined, one size fits all packages, programs, and prices. To do so would be ordinary. I do not do ordinary.

The specific needs and aims and starting points and capacities of each person and each group are distinctive. This is important. Every one of my engagements is bespoke, carefully and lovingly hand-crafted and delivered, with attention to the smallest detail. You deserve that, don’t you?

I promise you that I will bring to my talks and services decades of in-the-ring-with-the-bull experience, a fetish for spontaneity and improvisation, equal respect for pragmatism and magic, a compulsion to question and go deep, and a love for seeing people manifest their magnificent cosmic roar, for living and working in a radically alive, awake, and alert way.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have. Please use the booking form to inquire about a speaking gig. If you want to work with me, send me an email and we’ll schedule a time to meet face-to-face — either in person or virtually — and we’ll explore ways in which I can be of service to you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. Remember: YOU are the message!

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Robert Rabbin


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