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In December 2011, five doctors gathered around my hospital bed in Gold Coast, Australia. “Robert, you have stage 4 lung cancer. Your lower spine, hips, and pelvis are riddled with tumors. Your spine might collapse. There is nothing we can do. You have six months to live.”

Can you believe they didn’t even say: And have a nice day!

I’m still here. Now, you are here. So, let’s not bullshit each other or waste time. Do any of the following words and phrases speak to you and arouse your heart?

Freedom, Wild Heart, Breaking Taboos, Cosmic Roar, Authentic Living, Speaking Truthfully, Relentless Loving, Mindfulness, Deep Listening, Awareness, Shakti, Spirited Work, Beauty, Intimate Connection, Impeccability, Creativity, Boldness, Daring, Inner Silence, Vulnerability, Kindness, Transformational Growth…

If yes, we are tribally related. Welcome to the passions in my world, which I share with others in many ways — through my own public speaking, Speaking Truthfully programs, The 5 Principles of Authentic Living, Conversations on the High Wire, personal mentoring, and leadership coaching.

I do not offer anything “off the rack.” I do not offer one-size-fits-all anything. To do so would be ordinary. I do not do ordinary. Every one of my engagements is carefully and lovingly hand-crafted and delivered, with attention to the smallest detail.

I promise that I will bring to my talks and programs decades of in-the-ring-with-the-bull experience, a fetish for spontaneity and improvisation, equal respect for pragmatism and magic, a compulsion to question and go deep, and a love for seeing people manifest their magnificent cosmic roar, for living and working in a radically alive, awake, and alert way.

I can’t wait to talk to you! I live in Los Angeles. I’m happy to travel. I also work virtually via Zoom. The ball is now in your court.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have. Please use the booking form to inquire about a speaking gig. If you want to work with me, send me an email and we’ll schedule a time to meet face-to-face — either in person or virtually — and we’ll explore ways in which I can be of service to you.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Interview by Paula Vail on her new show, aired through Women’s Broadcasting Television Network (WBTVN).

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The Story of Speaking Truthfully


Interview by high performance sports and leadership psychologist Mike Gervais.

Robert’s work has appeared in many forms in many places, including:


“There are few men I know who have the depth of reverence and respect for women and the feminine that Robert Rabbin does, who is free in himself of patriarchal paradigms, and even fewer who are on a mission to help women liberate themselves, their Power, and their cosmic roar like he does. You won’t find a better, more qualified, authentic, and effective speaking guide and mentor than Robert Rabbin. He is a living example of what it is to show the f*#& up! He’s fearless and it’s infectious! Robert has challenged me, inspired me, awakened me and freed me in ways I was not expecting. Nobody does REAL like Robert does, with his laser-like clarity, embodied wisdom, and wicked sense of humor. He walks his talk like no other teacher/mentor I’ve ever known.”

LISA PAGE, workshop leader, speaker, mentor, author