A Short Course In Authentic Public Speaking

A Short Course In Authentic Public Speaking

Here is a short course in public speaking. First, forget everything you may have learned. Remember only this: YOU are the message!

YOU are the message! Your whole, huge, immense, honest, transparent, radiant, magnificent, wild, free, creative, sassy, sexy, fierce, free, tender, loving . . . (complete the list on your own!) . . . self! That one; that self: that is the message. That whole self.

That is your talk, that is your presentation, that is your sales pitch, your fundraising plea, your indignant demand for social justice, your creative bursts . . . every time you speak publicly, that is your true message.

Oh, you’re not a public speaker? Unless you live by yourself in the Amazonian rainforest, a subterranean lake beneath the Earth’s crust, or aboard a lost space ship streaking through interstellar space, you are a public speaker.

There is no such thing as a “private” speaker. Please don’t confuse public speaking with presenting on a stage, which is one form of public speaking. Public speaking occurs whenever you speak to anyone other than yourself — whether it be one person or 1,000 people. And every public speaking encounter is a chance for us to show others who we are, that we are credible and believable, that we are worth listening to, that we are speaking from our heart, that we are putting our truest and most authentic self into our words and on the line.

Do we stand without defense or pretense, or do we hide behind masks and roles, crouching in fear, doubt, or insecurity? Do we speak with our own voice, or do we say what others have said, what others expect, what others approve? Where is our authentic self and voice? Where is our passion, pulse, and power? Where is our magnificent beauty, our courage, our innate confidence?

Here and now is where our life unfolds. This is where we show who we are and speak what we have to say. Whatever the time, place, or circumstance — here and now is all we have.

Here and now is where we live out loud, where we speak with authenticity, vulnerability, and confidence! This is where we show who and what we are, what we stand for, what we love.

Whatever else you may say, whatever information you present, whatever statistics and slides you may show: YOU are the message!


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