Introducing Marlie Avant

Introducing Marlie Avant

I’m a lucky guy; I get to meet and know some incredible people. None more so than my new friend, Marlie Avant. In addition to being accomplished in the theater and art world, Marlie has pursued her spiritual quest with an indefatigable spirit and a truly brave heart. Her extraordinary spiritual adventures, studies, and initiations include living amongst the Lakota Sioux, the Shuars (an indigenous tribe in Ecuador), an apprenticeship with a Peruvian Shaman, and receiving initiation in the Santo Daimi Ceremony in Brazil. She is the real deal, who is fiercely loving and wise on the inside and hot as hell on the outside! She is in the process of launching a website with the magnetic title of “Things you wish your grandmother had told you!” Well, stay tuned. I am going to enjoy helping Marlie promote her site when it’s up. She is finally ready to share her profound stories, wisdom, and heart with the world, especially with women who yearn to express more authenticity in their lives. Here is a recent journal entry, that I publish with her permission.


A Call To Freedom

by Marlie Avant


No longer is there a written map to follow,

or a karmic fate to transcend,

there is just this inner, silent,

silky pull, like a gossamer thread ever so gently being woven…

weaving me…

guiding me…

connecting me.



Who is this “me”,

intertwined with other me’s in this tapestry called life?

In the very midst of and beyond imagination, are we!

Through warp and weft,

a Presence dwells vaster than all capacity for conceptualizing,

but surely beautiful!


This sheer artistry in the very ground of being,


Feeling now,

Sensing now,

ever more deeply into this Presence,

No longer separate but


inseparable from the One,

the mysterious weaver, weaving and woven….


And unwoven too,

by the same makers invisible hand,

unraveling the gossamer threads it wove;

this “me”, now undefended, trembling in awe,

in presence, in beauty;

ever ripening …surrendering in Love,

always in Love.


No longer is there a

written map to follow,

or a Karmic fate to transcend.

There is just this silent,

spacious, Presence

in which gossamer threads are being ever so gently woven and unwoven …

without beginning,

without end.

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