(new release) The Sacred Hub: Living in the Shimmering Light of Your True Self

(new release) The Sacred Hub: Living in the Shimmering Light of Your True Self

The Sacred Hub: Living in the Shimmering Light of Your True Self

by Robert Rabbin

Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle available now from Wetware Media

The Sacred Hub is an inspiring collection of essays on the nature of meditation, self-inquiry, mind, healing, awareness, silence, ego, freedom, and more. It is an inspired guide that will help you discover your own infinite nature–one of enduring happiness and peace.

“This is a book filled with deep and profound meaning. The Sacred Hub is an extraordinary collection of essays by author Robert Rabbin. The book covers a variety of topics such as learning to know one’s true self, learning to understand and deal with emotions, the meaning of love, and the value of meditation. The author shares amazing insights on these topics, such as the idea that true happiness is the absence of self-concern. Each section of the book is composed of spontaneous and unedited writing—remarkable, considering the overall clarity of the work. Its are unique ideas and challenging thoughts—stop trying to fix one’s life, it advises, and argues that the purpose of life is simply living.

The Sacred Hub is an excellent work of spirituality that pushes people to meet their deepest, truest selves. Though its answers to looming questions are not always comfortable, there is real wisdom here, and the opportunity for developing a simpler, happier way of life.”

Catherine Thureson, Foreword Reviews (November/December 2017)

 Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle available now from Wetware Media

The Sacred Hub Endorsements

“How to express the inexpressible? You dance and play and make love with the Divine Self. You drink deep. If you’re intoxicated enough, the words flow. If you’re exceptionally drunk, an exquisite book like The Sacred Hub is the result. Quench your thirst from this well!” – Cate Montana, author The E Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials, and Unearthing Venus

“Despite a life-threatening health challenge, Robert Rabbin has cheerfully continued his life-long dedication to spiritual development – his own and others’. He is thus the hub of his own sacred wheel – one of many now rolling through this world – and a blessing to all whose lives he touches.” — Rick Archer, Creator and Host of “Buddha at the Gas Pump”

“The Sacred Hub is an eminently readable inquiry into what it means to be both fully human and fully divine. The Author invites his readers to consider living a consciously awakened life with both personal integrity and spiritual awareness. This timely book is very practical, completely accessible and very compelling. Highly recommended.” — Chuck Hillig, psychotherapist and author of Seeds for the Soul: Living as the Source of Who You Are

“Today’s news headlines are like drops of water on the forehead. Robert Rabbin turns us toward the whole, the ever-present, the untouchable: The hub. From the hub we can only know the world as sacred, through and through. Knowing it all as sacred, Robert harvests the drops of water and with them bathes and cleanses us in an ocean of reality.” — Jerry Katz, www.nonduality.org, Editor of One: Essential Writings on Nonduality.

“Robert Rabbin’s words vibrate with energy, stimulating thought, evoking a response from deep within the heart.” — Tim Freke, author of Deep Awake and Soul Story

 Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle available now from Wetware Media

Reader Reviews, from Amazon.com, as of October 17, 2017  (All reviewers rated The Sacred Hub 5 stars)

The Sacred Hub has resonated with me on such a deep level, I feel I need to read it again to absorb the profound wisdom that this book contains. I encourage everyone who is on their path to self-discovery, to take a look at this book. It will make the journey that much better. Mauigirl

The Sacred Hub is an inspiriting and heart provoking work. It is a series of short essays. Each one can be read easily and quickly. But be prepared to be touched, enlightened and to want to take a bit of time to digest after reading. As a kind of daily meditation, I like to just pick one that feels right and read it. I have read particular essays over and over again, whenever I need a pick-me-up or a divine perspective. R. Rabbin is a long-term meditator, spiritual student and explorer of inner realms. However, his writings are for everyone, no need to have an established spiritual practice– only an open heart and mind. Cindy Lindsay

The Sacred Hub is not a book to be read as one usually reads a book. The writings contained within are moments, reflections, feelings, emotions, meditations to be savored, embraced, inhaled into our very depths. They are to be experienced in silence so the words can be transformed into whatever the Sacred Hub of Your Self needs them to be in order to create your inner transformation. And you will be transformed, if you allow it. Let these writings take you on your own personal journey to that place where magic happens … your inner self. Nrf2 Activated

… and then the clouds parted … and heaven offered up its shining light of white fire truth again! Be still my beating heart; another Robert Rabbin book! I’ve just started reading and there is no need to finish to give this book 5 stars. It’s filled to the brim with simple and profound truths that we all know but can’t trust in ourselves. Well, now you can. Robert pours it all out, confirms and then delivers that final drop of ‘ahhhh!’ Thank you, Robert! ktbokcon

I recommend The Sacred Hub to all who would remember their true, divine nature. Robert Rabbin’s words resonate with a profound experience of Self. The enlightened moments captured in his stories lure and challenge us to roam in the inner sacred landscape to begin the journey of Self-remembrance. James Strohecker, CEO, WellPeople

This book is an essential companion for those yearning for freedom. In the Sacred Hub, Robert Rabbin invites us to explore within ourselves, the living Truth that dwells deep within so that we can finally live radiantly alive and utterly free in our everyday lives. Lisa Page

 Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle available now from Wetware Media

E-mail from Susan Greenwood, a 5th grade teacher in Charlottesville, VA.

 Hi Robert,

I wanted to share what happened in my classroom today when I read an excerpt from your “Anger” chapter in The Sacred Hub.  I took a screen shot of the section that speaks of what anger actually is. I did this for our morning meeting and connected your writing to our current writing unit -—explaining that this is a good piece of writing that is pack full of information, but is written concisely and to the point.

I read the excerpt and “kid defined” some of the vocabulary. When I was done reading there was dead silence. I asked what they thought, and again silence … this always tells me their brains are turning in ways that are unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable for them, which is a good thing!

Then a couple of the kids said “that’s deep.”  I asked for other thoughts, and quite frankly, they didn’t know what to say except, “that’s deep.”  Then more responses came:

“I need to start doing that — take a step back and think why I’m getting angry.”

“I’ve never thought of anger in that way.”

“That’s very thoughtful.”

“Ms. Greenwood, can I have the piece of paper with that writing?” — I gave her the printed copy that was projected.

So — well-done, my friend, you made a bunch of 5th graders really think! Will keep sharing pieces of your amazing essays as I continue to read.



 Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle available now from Wetware Media






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