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by Robert Rabbin

On Friday morning around 8:30am we felt the wrath of Tropical Storm Ernesto. Our power went out. Not a big deal, power goes out every once and a while for a little bit. It gave me a chance to move some machines over to our data center, as I had been planning to do for weeks. By the time I got back from the data center, Ernesto was in full force. I called Mom to let her know everything was fine and just as the call connected the power went on. I started to power everything up to start working again and just as it all came back up, the power went off again, this time we were not as lucky.

Cindy and I never realized how much we depended on power. We sat around that afternoon (her office closed) and talked for a little bit before she started to read and I fell asleep reading MacWorld. I was bored to tears, so I ran to the data center to check in with the real world while Cindy took her turn napping. I brought back McDonalds for dinner. If you happen to be in Williamsburg, stay away from the McDonalds on Route 5 in the Farm Fresh plaza, it was perhaps the most painful experience I have ever had with “fast” food, baring a Taco Bell incident we won’t go into detail about. From the minute they took my order, to the time I drove away it was literally, 20 minutes. Anyway…

We woke up Saturday morning and the power was still out we decided to go out for the day and do a little window shopping. We stopped over at my office which had power for a little bit and then headed to dinner at Sal’s by Victor. We planned on going home, grabbing our cell phone chargers (since my phone was dead and Cindy’s was on its way to dying) and heading back to my office and watching a movie on the big screen. When we pulled into the commuity, we quickly realized the generators were not humming and then we saw the outside lights on at the house…it was almost as if God himself said let there be light.

36 hours without power has driven us to look for a generator. Who knew that you could order a 15,000 watt generator from Amazon with free shipping? On the agenda for Tuesday is to call about getting a generator for the house. Wish us luck…:)