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Introducing Marlie Avant

I’m a lucky guy; I get to meet and know some incredible people. None more so than my new friend, Marlie Avant. In addition to being accomplished in the theater and art world, Marlie has pursued her spiritual quest with an indefatigable spirit and a truly brave heart. Her extraordinary spiritual adventures, studies, and initiations include living amongst the Lakota Sioux, the Shuars (an indigenous tribe in Ecuador), an apprenticeship with a Peruvian Shaman, and receiving initiation in the Santo Daimi Ceremony in Brazil. She is the real deal, who is fiercely loving and wise on the inside and hot as hell on the outside! She is in the process of launching a website with the magnetic title of “Things you wish your grandmother had told you!” Well, stay tuned. I am going to enjoy helping Marlie promote her site when it’s up. She is finally ready to share her profound stories, wisdom, and heart with the world, especially with women who yearn to express more authenticity in their lives. Here is a recent journal entry, that I publish with her permission.


Catherine Gray Interviews Robert Rabbin

In this conversation, recorded in February 2017 and broadcast on April 5, 2017, host Catherine Gray of the Live Love Thrive talk show speaks with Robert Rabbin about his early life influences, time in an Indian ashram, and his current work, Speaking Truthfully. They touch on a number of issues relating to public speaking, as well as Robert’s work with women and his role in the women’s empowerment movement. The conversation is riddled with humor and stories!

Catherine regularly interviews a wonderful group of thought leaders and action heroes, and her show is worth watching on a regular basis!




Q & A with Robert


I am always afraid that I am doing things wrong in my life. I don’t trust any of my thoughts or feelings in case they are wrong. I also find it very hard to make decisions about what I want to do and what I should do in my life in case I’m wrong. I find that I just go along with everyone else, so I do not have to decide anything. I battle with my own thoughts and feelings to the point I just want to give up. My question is, How do I overcome this fear of constantly thinking and feeling I am doing things wrong? And how will I know when something is right? I would appreciate your help with this as it has stifled my joy for living.


Authenticity is about real, not right.

Think about how often, in your personal or professional life, you’ve wanted to be right or been afraid of being wrong. How long have you lived within these two polarities? What does that feel like, to need to be right and to be afraid of being wrong? What if you never again needed to be right, or were afraid of being wrong. How would that feel?

Let me ask you to stop battling your own thoughts and feelings for a moment. Let me ask you, instead, to Be Present. Just that. Breathe and relax your way out of the thoughtstream. Pay Attention to what you notice about feeling the need to be right, and about the fear of being wrong. Listen Deeply. What do you hear?

You might hear that you have elevated the opinions of others above your own self-knowing, that others know what is right and that you don’t. In terms of living authentically, your self-knowing trumps the opinions of others. Living authentically is not about right and wrong; it is about real and true. What is real and true about who you are and what you want? Can you say this without trying to be right and without feeling afraid of being wrong?

After every workshop or talk I give, people have things to say about what I said. I always say, “Thank you for your opinion.” I never collapse into doubt about who I am — regardless of what others say — because I am just expressing myself authentically. I am not trying to be right. Because I am not trying to be right, I am not afraid of being wrong. I never get defensive or aggressive. I remain playful. Everyone has an opinion. Thank you for your opinion. Sometimes, the opinion is that I am arrogant and self-centered. Sometimes the opinion is that I am confident and courageous. Thank you for your opinion. I am just expressing myself as authentically as I can.

Sara Harvey Yao interviews Robert Rabbin

Sara Harvey Yao, renowned “inside-out” leadership development expert, interviews Robert about Speaking Truthfully.


On today’s show we welcome speaker and author, Robert Rabbin to discuss what it means to live life authentically and speak truthfully. He shares what it means to be able to go deeper into awareness and live your life without hiding. Robert believes that speaking is how we “move in and through life”, and he describes how broadcasting information is very different than speaking truthfully. We also talk about internal orientation vs external orientation, and the importance of building internal stability regardless of your external situation.

Robert Rabbin began his professsional journey in 1985, after spending 10 years living and working with meditation master Swami Muktananda. Since then, he has developed an international reputation as a radically brilliant speaker and public speaking guru, as well as a distinguished self-awareness facilitator, leadership adviser, and personal mentor. Robert is the creative source and director of Speaking Truthfully, through which he offers masterclasses and private mentoring in authentic self-expression and public speaking. He has published eight books and more than 250 articles on authentic living and public speaking, leadership, self-inquiry, spiritual activism, and meditation.
In January 2012, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told he had a few months to live. However, in keeping with his contrarian nature, he continues to thrive past the predicted use-by date. He lives in Los Angeles.

Gina Rabbin: A Catalyst for Clarity

In one way or another, I have served many people as a kind of “catalyst for clarity” — as a consultant, coach, mentor, speaker. And, with all the modesty I can muster, I’m pretty world-class. So, I reckon I know what it takes to be a world-class catalyst for clarity! My sister Gina is such a person. In fact, when I need some crystalline light shed on an issue, Gina is who I call. I want to share the following text, from her home page, and let you know about her, because she is well worth knowing about. She is my go-to gal when my own clarity dims.


Gina Rabbin

Gina Rabbin

We are all seeking ways in which we can create lives filled with health and personal freedom, for ourselves and our loved ones. The path to achieve these goals is not always clear, and we find we need assistance to gain clarity.

As a Catalyst For Clarity, I will help you gain the clarity you need and provide the necessary guidance that will enable you to turn your dreams into reality.

I have always had a passion for helping others find health and personal freedom in all aspects of their lives. For the past 3 decades, I’ve been a guide for those seeking to move beyond limitation and lack into expansion and abundance, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.

Over the years, the ways in which I have expressed my work have shifted and changed, but the goal has remained the same: Whether through tarot, channeling, Reiki, or, more recently, through scientific breakthrough Nrf2 technology, my desire is to help you create health, wellness, and abundance in your life on all levels. All of these modalities work together in a perfect merging of body, mind, and spirit.


Introducing Cate Montana

I don’t often recommend the work of others, for many reasons, though none of which are worth mentioning! However, when I do come across someone who impacts me in the way Cate Montana did on Saturday, February 25, 2017, I am obliged to share the good news. Cate and I were the interview guests on Sandie Sedgbeer’s Virtual Light Broadcast. (Sandie is another cosmic rock star!) Cate and I collided as if we were long lost … hmmmm … bandmates of an interstellar rock band. We started jamming right away. I love her. I love what she’s been up to, what she’s doing, and the in the ring with the bull juiciness of her teachings.

I do believe that she, Sandie, and I are going to cook up something way hot and cool, very soon. In the meantime, check out Cate’s work.

The E Word

The E Word

(from her website)

The ego is NOT the enemy.

Humans can’t function without one. What messes us up is we’re not taught what the ego is, what it’s for, and how it can be managed for optimum functioning.

Without that information—without knowing exactly how the ego is born, how it thinks and how the perception of separation it feeds us 24/7 is actually 100% ILLUSION—we’re boxed into a pitifully narrow spectrum of living filled with fear, loneliness and dissatisfaction. But once we know what we’re dealing with —once we know how to operate the controls — BAM! It’s a whole new ballgame.

Frankly, if people knew what the ego is and how to expand it (not inflate it!) their lives and the whole world would change for the better overnight.

Hungry for no-nonsense answers to life’s BIG questions? Want a simple guide to the Truth of who you are (and who you aren’t)?  Want to know how to create lasting change in yourself and the world? The E Word is the book for you.

Sandie Sedgbeer Interviews Robert on Virtual Light Broadcast

I had a great time speaking with my dear friend Sandie Sedgbeer about some of what I’ve experienced and learned subsequent to a 2011 diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer, with a prognosis of a few months to live. You can enjoy this 26-minute interview at either YouTube or Vimeo. It is also posted towards the bottom of the home page of my website.



Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Robert Rabbin on the Virtual Light Broadcast. from Robert Rabbin on Vimeo.

Learning to Speak Truthfully from Our Hearts

“We fell morally ill because we became used to saying something different from what we thought.” ~ Václav Havel

It is not uncommon to read about some scandal of corruption, fraud or deception – by government officials, corporate executives, spiritual leaders, celebrities or sport figures.

Even the Catholic Church is not immune, paying out billions of dollars in penalties for not speaking authentically about decades of child sexual abuse.

I want to set things straight. We are not victims in this. The light is always on. What people do is always visible. Maybe someone is not speaking truthfully, but maybe we are not listening for the truth.

Sound Bites from Silence Facebook Page

I have established a new Sound Bites from Silence Facebook page, which I invite you to visit, like, and follow.

romantic landscape in the starry night

If we look carefully enough at existence, we will see that all this mystery comes from a source, which I call Silence. It is true that all great spiritual insights, all cultural advancements, all art, all technological innovations, all scientific discoveries come from this single source. All of this comes from Silence. And, in my view, there can be no true mastery in any domain, no greatness of any kind, without the Self-knowledge that Silence bestows. Our skill in living depends on Silence, and through Silence we can directly access the single source of all things, and thus we can become impeccable in awareness and action. Look at how precise existence is. Should our works be any less so?

In Silence, we open to life and life opens to us, life reaches towards us and touches us in the center of our heart. Our heart breaks open and another heart is revealed. This is the true heart, the one that knows how to meet life with open arms. Silence knows that thoughts about life are not life itself. If we touch life through Silence, life touches us back, intimately, sensually, erotically. We become one with life itself, abandoning all thoughts about life. And then the mystery of life, the wonder of life, the beauty of life, the sanctity of life, become our life. Everything but wonderment falls away; the anger and fear and violence disappear as if they never existed.

Knowing Silence is knowing ourselves for the first time; we see the world for the first time. We only have to be still, to be still, until that Silence comes forth from within us, to surround us, to illuminate us. This Silence is the real teacher, the real teaching, the real path. This Silence is what we seek above all else, for it is who we are. It is our own Self. It is restores us to love and redeems us in love. In Silence we will know our own beauty, our own power, your own magnificence — it is the same for all! As the embodiment of Silence we are perfection itself.

Silence belongs to all of us. It is who we are. It is what we are. If we are to experience and embody authentic peace and love, if we are going to bring true healing to our wildly violent and endangered world, we are going to have to learn to live within this essence which joins us, and all living creatures, together as brothers and sisters.

Please remember the Silence beyond words, the Silence of mystery and magic, the Silence of the soul, of the heart, the Silence in which lovers give themselves to a greater loving, a selfless loving, the Silence which knows only this moment, this present moment, this incredible instant of pure life when time suddenly stops, when we breathe the high-altitude air we call love. This is what we all need, what our world needs.

Right now the world needs you and me, and many others, to be real and authentic. The world needs the healing power of my true heart, and yours. It needs our Silence.