Speaking Truthfully

Song of Sudden Freedom

If we are seeking what is real, the real is seeking us.

If we long to know the truth, the truth longs to know us.

If we want to drown in love, love wants to live in us.

These entities are everywhere, even pounding on drums in the ceremonial centers of our cells — trillions of them. They flood into and from us.

Be a child in this on-rushing love: don’t move. Stand still. Don’t try to find the real, or know the truth, or experience love. All effort pushes it away. Be like a lost child and wait to be found. Stand still, be open, look and see that everything you want is already taking you, filling you, possessing you.

We don’t need to seek: we have already found.

We don’t need to learn: we already know.

We don’t have to become: we already are.


The world is alive and breathing inside your very body. All that you treasure is within you. Your inadequacy is but a habit, your bondage an illusion, your fears but shadows and gossip. Let go of all you hold on to. Only you can free yourself from your own deception. Forgive yourself, step into the light of love rushing towards you from a million inner suns.

No one has harmed you, no one has wronged you. Only your pride thinks this is so. Let it go. Bitterness is your own dark night. Let it go. There is nothing worth protecting. Let the breath of new life fill you and fill your mind and fill your body. Your cells are now vibrating with new life. Your heart is opening, your being is growing larger and larger, colliding with the onrushing love. In this collision you can dissolve without fear.



I first thought I should wait to write and post this, because I am having some real issues with chemo brain— a common term used to describe thinking and memory problems that can occur after cancer treatment, which I had a few days ago.

Chemo brain can also be called chemotherapy-related cognitive impairment. I like this one, because it is so significant-sounding. Write or wait?

You be the judge. Maybe if I waited, I’d be more articulate, coherent, and persuasive. Maybe not. I feel drunk, stoned, and exhausted. Chemo brain sucks. I should wait.

But, I don’t want to wait. I’m clear enough on this now. My cancer treatments remind me that life is live TV: no reruns. It’s now or it’s not. So, here it is.

I have been around. I have done, seen, and heard a lot of stuff. Truly. Trust me. So, it takes a lot to make my mind spin out of control behind a massive WTF. But it does happen, more often than I’d like to admit.

Sometimes this happens in the wake of a big thing, like a whistleblower-inspired revelation of governmental or corporate misconduct. I confess to being particularly susceptible to ideas and actions motivated by greed, cruelty, and deception. Sometimes, this WTF-head-spin happens in the wake of a small thing, in terms of social media coverage or cultural outrage.

This is what I want to talk about. A small thing. Seemingly. It’s about how we men sometimes treat women. Not our women, but women. Hear the difference?

In her talk in one of my Speaking Truthfully classes, this brave woman told us that her significant other had forbidden her from attending an event that he had not been invited to. He said that she could not go, that she could not defy him. No discussion. No negotiation. No reasons. Just: You cannot go. Do not defy me.

Read the rest of this article at Rebelle Society.

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World renowned speaker and trainer Robert Rabbin has been speaking and empowering women to speak for many years, from the U.S. to India, Australia and beyond.

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“You won’t find a better, more qualified, authentic, and effective speaking guide and mentor than Robert Rabbin. He has challenged me, inspired me, awakened me and freed me in ways I was not expecting. Nobody does REAL like Robert does, with his laser-like clarity, embodied wisdom, and wicked sense of humor. He walks his talk like no other teacher/mentor I’ve ever known.” ~LISA PAGE, founder, Soul Satisfaction for Women

“Robert Rabbin is an amazing coach and advocate for women finding their voice and bringing their authenticity and light to the world. He is brilliant, funny, uncompromising (when it comes to supporting and believing in you) and truly, truly cares! I cannot express how much he has helped me and the deep gratitude I feel. He is a loving magician, muse and task master! He inspires, motivates and walks you through the nitty gritty to reach your goals. He walks his talk ….no, at times he gallops!” ~Marlie Avant, artist, actress, author, spiritual guide

I Am Dying, Therefore I Speak Truthfully

Cogito ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition written in the 17th century by René Descartes in his Principles of Philosophy. It is usually translated into English as “I think, therefore I am.” This proposition became a fundamental element of Western philosophy. I remember reading Descartes by flashlight, under the covers so as to not disturb my brother, in eleventh grade. I haven’t thought of him since then. Until now. For whatever reason, his proposition came to mind as I was searching for a title, and the spine, of this article. Thank you, M. Descartes, for catalyzing both the title and spine!

Ego morior ergo ego loquor veroo. “I am dying, therefore I speak truthfully.” This has become my fundamental philosophical and existential proposition. This proposition has become embedded in me, everywhere, in every nook and cranny. It not only lives in me, it lives me.

Mindfulness in Public Speaking

(This article was just published by Rebelle Society and can be accessed by clicking here.)

Mindfulness refers to our capacity to see, understand, and relate to what is actually happening, rather than what we think is happening. That is why we practice mindfulness “techniques” — to nurture our capacity. The greater our capacity, the more mindful and aware we are, the more real and authentic we can be! Welcome to actual life!

I first encountered “mindfulness” in 1968 when I began studying aikido and zazen in Humboldt County, CA. I followed up this introduction a few years later with a month-long Vipassana retreat, in Madras, India, led by the Burmese teacher Satya Narayan Goenka. The retreat was a 24/7 furnace of “paying attention to one’s breath and to every movement within one’s mind and body.” We were discouraged from sleeping more than a couple hours a night.


Then, barely a few weeks after surviving Goenka’s retreat, I walked into the ashram of one Swami Muktananda, a meditation master and living embodiment of mindfulness. I lived with him for 11 years! I left Muktananda’s ashram in January 1985; by then the practice of mindfulness had become my life.

Muktananda & Robert

The NEW flagship program of Speaking Truthfully!

Liberate Your Cosmic Roar!

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Learn to speak with courage, confidence, and connection; and with vulnerability and transparency —

without hiding, pretense, or defense. Learn to tell the truth and to show who you are, honestly and directly.


Cosmic roar! It’s the sound only you can make. Everyone has one. Built into our essential being, it’s the distinctive signature of your most authentic presence, your most truthful voice, your most compelling message. Your cosmic roar is the expression of your beautiful heart melded with the artistry to speak it freely and effectively in front of anyone and everyone, everywhere, all the time. It is life pouring through you—unobstructed, freewheeling, fearless, powerful.

How often have you hidden yourself when you wanted to be seen, or remained seated when you wanted to stand, or stayed quiet when you wanted to speak?

What if you could experience and embody freedom from these and other symptoms of self-suppression and self-betrayal?

What if you could learn how to self-generate portable safety, such that wherever you go, you are free to truly show up and speak your truth?

What if you could Liberate Your Cosmic Roar, along with learning essential skills of effective speaking?

I designed Speaking Truthfully based on the belief that our self-actualization in the world, our personal and professional success, and our ability to influence, impact and serve others are all dependent on our ability to speak with authenticity, credibility, and skill. This is what Speaking Truthfully is all about.

I especially want to assist women who want to free themselves from the inhibitions imposed by social and cultural norms, and who are ready and willing to disturb the status quo with their innate magnificence, beauty, and power.

Although you will learn to speak in public with confidence and assurance, this is much more than a public speaking course. It is a path to transformation, an opportunity to break through barriers that have inhibited you most of your life. Those who have taken the course have described it as “life changing,” because when you get into the habit of speaking truthfully, almost anything is possible.

If you are ready and sincerely want to liberate your cosmic roar, I’d love to help! Two days . . .





Robert Rabbin began his professional journey in 1985, after spending 10 years living and working with meditation master Swami Muktananda. Since then, he has developed an international reputation as a radically brilliant speaker and public speaking guru, as well as a distinguished self-awareness facilitator, leadership adviser, and personal mentor. Robert is the creator and director of Speaking Truthfully, through which he offers masterclasses and private mentoring in authentic self-expression and public speaking. He has published eight books and more than 200 articles on authentic living and public speaking, leadership, self-inquiry, and meditation. In 2012, he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and told he had but months to live. However, in keeping with his contrarian nature, he continues to thrive past the predicted use-by date. He lives in Los Angeles.


When: Two consecutive days

Time: 9AM – 5PM each day

Where: TBD

Cost: TBD, includes workbook, lunch, and snack

Introducing Marlie Avant

I’m a lucky guy; I get to meet and know some incredible people. None more so than my new friend, Marlie Avant. In addition to being accomplished in the theater and art world, Marlie has pursued her spiritual quest with an indefatigable spirit and a truly brave heart. Her extraordinary spiritual adventures, studies, and initiations include living amongst the Lakota Sioux, the Shuars (an indigenous tribe in Ecuador), an apprenticeship with a Peruvian Shaman, and receiving initiation in the Santo Daimi Ceremony in Brazil. She is the real deal, who is fiercely loving and wise on the inside and hot as hell on the outside! She is in the process of launching a website with the magnetic title of “Things you wish your grandmother had told you!” Well, stay tuned. I am going to enjoy helping Marlie promote her site when it’s up. She is finally ready to share her profound stories, wisdom, and heart with the world, especially with women who yearn to express more authenticity in their lives. Here is a recent journal entry, that I publish with her permission.


A Short Course In Authentic Public Speaking

Here is a short course in public speaking. First, forget everything you may have learned. Remember only this: YOU are the message!

YOU are the message! Your whole, huge, immense, honest, transparent, radiant, magnificent, wild, free, creative, sassy, sexy, fierce, free, tender, loving . . . (complete the list on your own!) . . . self! That one; that self: that is the message. That whole self.

That is your talk, that is your presentation, that is your sales pitch, your fundraising plea, your indignant demand for social justice, your creative bursts . . . every time you speak publicly, that is your true message.

Oh, you’re not a public speaker? Unless you live by yourself in the Amazonian rainforest, a subterranean lake beneath the Earth’s crust, or aboard a lost space ship streaking through interstellar space, you are a public speaker.

There is no such thing as a “private” speaker. Please don’t confuse public speaking with presenting on a stage, which is one form of public speaking. Public speaking occurs whenever you speak to anyone other than yourself — whether it be one person or 1,000 people. And every public speaking encounter is a chance for us to show others who we are, that we are credible and believable, that we are worth listening to, that we are speaking from our heart, that we are putting our truest and most authentic self into our words and on the line.