Introducing Paula Vail

I’ve done a lot of interviews over the years, and I believe that my “performance” in those interviews is very much a function of the interviewer — of his or her preparation, interest, sincerity and of the quality of our connection. The interview I did with Paula Vail in May was certainly in the top five of all my interviews! This is why I am happy to introduce everyone to her and to her quest for sponsorship.

Paula is a fantastic host and producer of the Women’s Broadcast Network, Wellness/Self Help TV show, Choices: Finding Your Joy and the Internet radio show and I Heart Radio Podcast, “Why Am I So Happy.” Paula was also most recently chosen as “Wellness Coach of the Year.”

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Paula while being a guest on her show. Paula is sincere, enthusiastic and very passionate about her work. She is currently looking for corporate partners to promote on her media content. You can find more info about her on her website here or check out her show here. You can also watch a short promotional video here.

Her phone number is 1-253-732-2550, or you can email her at paula@wellnessinspired.com.

“Create Your Fate” — an exclusive 2-day public speaking workshop in Beverly Hills, CA

“Create Your Fate”

A 2-day Exclusive Program for 10 Select Women.


Learn to speak with courage, confidence, and connection, with vulnerability and transparency,

without hiding, pretense, or defense. Learn to tell the truth and to show who you are, honestly and directly.


For full details and to register for this this exclusive program, sponsored and hosted by Catherine Gray, click  here.

Your 360Karma special introductory price $595 (includes two day seminar, workbook, lunch, and video feedback)!

Robert Rabbin has developed an international reputation as a radically brilliant speaker and public speaking guru, as well as a distinguished self-awareness facilitator, leadership adviser, and personal mentor. Robert is the creator and director of Speaking Truthfully, through which he offers masterclasses and private mentoring in authentic self-expression and public speaking. He has published eight books and more than 200 articles on authentic living and public speaking, leadership, self-inquiry, and meditation.

Catherine Gray is a pioneering documentary film producer, speaker, and author who has produced, directed and co-produced many award-winning documentaries. She creates projects that evoke change, empowering people to use their gifts to make a difference in the world. Last year Gray launched a talk show, web series, online community, conference and companion book, “LIVE LOVE THRIVE: Inspiring Women to Unleash Their Life’s Purpose”.

Bankruptcy, Past Lives, and the Buried Origins of Fear of Speaking

I’m not going to analyze, interpret, or frame the events I recount in this article. I’m just going to stick to the facts of my experience, as clearly and cleanly as I can remember them. I have not written or spoken of this before.

It’s 1996. I am living in a tiny cottage on a small farm in Somis, an unincorporated community in Ventura County, CA. My brother, an attorney, lived nearby in Ventura.

I had filed for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7. The “inquisition” day had arrived. I went with my attorney to the courthouse, where I sat with several dozen other petitioners and their attorneys. At the front of the large room was a dais, on which were seated seven trustees, whose roles were to question each petitioner to ascertain the validity of their various claims and statements.

My turn came. The questioning began. I affirmed the validity of all my written statements. OK. Until …

In 1995, I had published my first book, The Sacred Hub, with Crossing Press. The book detailed my spiritual experiences and understanding to date. In a publishing upheaval, Crossing Press remaindered the inventory of my book, which I bought for very little. (Ironically, this book is being reissued this month by Wetware Media, whose publisher calls the book “a spiritual classic.”) I had about 2,000 books on hand. I had declared this as an asset, though of little actual cash value. One trustee held up a copy of the book and, so it seemed to me, boomed threateningly: “What is this?”

Listen Deeply

[This is an excerpt from The 5 Principles of Authentic Living. Here I talk about the third principle, Listen Deeply.]


“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I think that what we’re really seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonance within our innermost being and reality, so that we can actually feel the rapture of being alive.” — Joseph Campbell, American mythologist and writer, 1904-1987

Listen Deeply

Be Present. Pay Attention. And as we do, we begin, quite naturally and effortlessly, to Listen Deeply. To Listen Deeply is to discover that the source of perennial wisdom is within our own being. To Listen Deeply is to realize that you have as much access to self-knowledge and enlightenment as anyone ever has, and all you have to do is Listen Deeply.

Who am I? What do I want? What should I do? Where do I belong? What is my truth, what do I value, what is important to me? The answers to these questions bring us to the precipice of an authentic life. And then, in trusting that we can know the answers from within our own self, we jump from the precipice into the abyss of authenticity. But not the kind of trust that promises everything will be easy, or work out, or be safe. Trust as in self-belief, as in self-confidence, as in self-authority. It is, after all, your life. Why wouldn’t you know the answers to your own questions about your own self and life. In fact, no one else can know; they can only project their own self-knowing onto you.

If we learn to Listen Deeply, we will always know the answers. They will be our answers. They will be right and true for us. Listening Deeply feeds us with a constant stream of inspiration, intuition, and insight which we can use to light our way and act impeccably. I’ve used this principle to “listen” my way from one place to the next, from one project to the next, from one decision to the next. When I am asked questions by clients and students, I Listen Deeply. And then I share what I hear. I Listen Deeply and I hear things as practical as slow down to 65 and you won’t get a speeding ticket and as spiritually illuminating as it’s time to withdraw from all activities for one month, you will be shown something you need to know.

Listening Deeply means to Pay Attention with great skill and subtlety to what is heard from beneath the surface of the thoughtstream. Listening Deeply is not just listening with our ears. It’s being totally open and receptive to everything, everywhere — all at once. It’s listening inside yourself. It’s listening to intuition, to flashes of insight and bursts of clarity. It’s listening to what’s happening outside. It’s listening to people and hearing not just their words, but their meaning. It’s listening to what I call the “I want” — to the desires that arise from deep within us, the ones that we must hear and honor as our truth, our calling, our path, our purpose. Listening Deeply is something we all know how to do. We are born with this capacity. But we forget how to do it, and in so doing, we forget what we know, and tip towards the feeling of being lost, confused, and alienated from life itself.

Liberate Your Cosmic Roar! — in Salinas, CA!

“I have the honor of hosting Robert Rabbin, an amazing coach and advocate for women finding their voice and bringing their authenticity and light to the world. He is brilliant, funny, uncompromising (when it comes to supporting and believing in you ) and truly, truly cares! I cannot express how much he has helped me and the deep gratitude I feel. He has agreed to conduct a two day workshop at my home, “Liberate Your Cosmic Roar!”. I promise you, it will be transformative…whether you are looking to launch a second career or ad zest to your current one, or are simply ready to explore a part of yourself you have yet to embrace…he is a loving magician, muse and task master! He inspires, motivates and walks you through the nitty gritty to reach your goals. He walks his talk…no, at times he gallops! Guess you can get a sense that the guy has really impressed me!” MARLIE AVANT, program producer; teacher, speaker, artist

Liberate Your Cosmic Roar!

A Two-day Exclusive Program for 10 Select People.

Learn to speak with courage, confidence, and connection,
with vulnerability and transparency, without hiding, pretense, or defense.
Learn to tell the truth and to show who you are, honestly and directly.

Cosmic roar! It’s the sound only you can make. Everyone has one. Built into our essential being, it’s the distinctive signature of your most authentic presence, your most truthful voice, your most compelling message. Your cosmic roar is the expression of your beautiful heart melded with the artistry to speak it freely and effectively in front of anyone and everyone, everywhere, all the time. It is life pouring through you—unobstructed, freewheeling, fearless, powerful.

  • How often have you hidden yourself when you wanted to be seen, or remained seated when you wanted to stand, or stayed quiet when you wanted to speak?
  • What if you could experience and embody freedom from these and other symptoms of self-suppression and self-betrayal?
  • What if you could learn how to self-generate portable safety, such that wherever you go, you are free to truly show up and speak your truth?
  • What if you could Liberate Your Cosmic Roar, along with learning essential skills of effective speaking?

I designed Speaking Truthfully based on the belief that our self-actualization in the world, our personal and professional success, and our ability to influence, impact and serve others are all dependent on our ability to speak with authenticity, credibility, and skill. This is what Speaking Truthfully is all about.

Gina Rabbin: A Catalyst for Clarity

In one way or another, I have served many people as a kind of “catalyst for clarity” — as a consultant, coach, mentor, speaker. And, with all the modesty I can muster, I’m pretty world-class. So, I reckon I know what it takes to be a world-class catalyst for clarity! My sister Gina is such a person. In fact, when I need some crystalline light shed on an issue, Gina is who I call. I want to share the following text, from her home page, and let you know about her, because she is well worth knowing about. She is my go-to gal when my own clarity dims.


Gina Rabbin

Gina Rabbin

We are all seeking ways in which we can create lives filled with health and personal freedom, for ourselves and our loved ones. The path to achieve these goals is not always clear, and we find we need assistance to gain clarity.

As a Catalyst For Clarity, I will help you gain the clarity you need and provide the necessary guidance that will enable you to turn your dreams into reality.

I have always had a passion for helping others find health and personal freedom in all aspects of their lives. For the past 3 decades, I’ve been a guide for those seeking to move beyond limitation and lack into expansion and abundance, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.

Over the years, the ways in which I have expressed my work have shifted and changed, but the goal has remained the same: Whether through tarot, channeling, Reiki, or, more recently, through scientific breakthrough Nrf2 technology, my desire is to help you create health, wellness, and abundance in your life on all levels. All of these modalities work together in a perfect merging of body, mind, and spirit.