Anthology Essays

Leadership in a New Era: Visionary Approaches to the Biggest Crisis of our Time

Edited by John Renesch

This anthology is a collection of vision and wisdom for tomorrow’s business leaders, presented by a group of outstanding men and women in a joint collaboration. This rare combination of business executives, professional consultants, successful authors, and leadership scholars has come together with a common theme: new times call for new leadership.

Robert’s essay is “The Koan of Leadership,” in which he advocates the development of self-awareness as a core leadership capacity.

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12 Step Wisdom at Work: Transforming Your Life and Your Organization

Edited by William C. Hammond, III

The revolutionary concepts in this anthology have been developed by the internationally renowned Hazelden Foundation, one of the world’s leading recovery institutions. The co-authors show how the program that has helped millions of individuals can be used to dramatically change organizations, achieving greater efficiency and resulting a shared set of values that will propel the organization to new heights.

Robert’s essay is “The Answer to our Prayers,” in which he discusses the importance of integrating one’s most authentic personal values with those of the organization in which one works.

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New Perspectives on Research and Practice

Edited by Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman and Dr. Richard King

Robert’s essay makes a strong case for speaking in public with authenticity. We need to speak with authenticity, predicated on vulnerability, honesty, empathy, transparency, and love. Authentic speaking is beneficial to our soul, the vitality and future of our organizations, and even the fate of our world.

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The Awakening West: Conversations with Today’s New Western Spiritual Leaders

Edited by Lynn Marie Lumiere and John Lumiere-Wins

The days when the West looked toward the Eastern religious traditions for enlightenment are coming to an end. Western Spirituality has come into its own, drawing on the rich philosophies of Zen, Hinduism, Advaita Vedanta, and Kashmir Shaivism. In this groundbreaking book, many leading Western spiritual teachers explore this phenomenon and share their experience, warmth, and wisdom.

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