Have Mouth Will Travel / Client Appreciation
“My job as a speaker is to take my audience on a transformative journey that will be meaningful, relevant, and inspirational to them. That means that I have to be able to thrill, enchant, and delight every audience, not just with what I say and how I say it, but with who I am, with my truthful, transparent, and authentic presence. Below are a selection of comments from people who have invited me to speak at gatherings of all sorts, including conferences, retreats, meetings, and festivals. Click here to read a selection of audience member comments.” ~ Robert Rabbin

“Robert offers an extraordinary perspective on being human. During the recent Institute of Noetic Sciences’ annual conference, I served as moderator for a panel of distinguished authors discussing new notions of leadership. It is my view that the audience of over 200 people found Robert to be the most memorable and provocative of all the presenters.” JOHN E. RENESCH, moderator, IONS Conference

“We loved having you at the GATE meeting today. You truly transformed each and every one of us and our organization as a whole! Thank you!” WENDY NEWMAN, M.A., GATE executive director

“Thank you so much for sharing your gifts of Being and Wisdom with the GATE Leadership Circle. I know people were deeply moved and nourished by your Presence and words.” JOHN RAATZ, GATE founder, Board Chairman, CEO

“Thank you so much for your powerful and life-changing talk on Authentic Self-Expression. The silence in the room was deafening! The audience was hanging on to every single word you said. Your wisdom has awakened a deep-rooted truth within every single person in the room. Thank you! You are amazing! The whole world needs to be touched by your magic!” LIZA CHOA, founder, Think BIG Events

“As the keynote speaker of the Inner Directions Gathering 2000 — our annual three-day conference attended by over 500 people from around the world — Robert was able to clearly articulate the deeper meaning and purpose for which we all ‘gathered.’ I appreciate Robert’s unswerving adherence to truth and his unique ability to express the inexpressible.” MATTHEW GREENBLATT, executive director, Inner Directions Foundation

“You made a major impact! Eighty percent of the feedback forms said that your session was the most enjoyable and valuable session. Getting away from the lectern has got a bit of airplay around the office. It’s like we now have a license not to use the darn thing. Very positive stuff!” CAROLINE NADJ, senior project officer, Department of Planning and Community Development, Victoria

“Robert Rabbin gave an incredible talk at the first Visionary Business Leaders Seminar in Melbourne. He gave the final address of the day, following the first six speakers, who were an A-list of inspirational, accomplished visionary business leaders and speakers. Even though he arrived later in the day due to a prior commitment, he managed to capture the energy of the seminar, build on it, and leave the room totally moved and touched with his message of speaking with authenticity and vulnerability in life and in business. I recommend Robert for any and all speaking occasions.” JOHN ANDERSON, co-founder, Visionary Business Leaders

“Congratulations on your superb presentation. As always, you gave your heart and soul. You are a delight to work with, and you bring a smile to my face each time we meet. The event was a great success and enjoyed immensely by all.” LYNETTE PALMEN AM, founder and managing director, Women’s Network Australia

“We at Interchange warmly thank you for your contribution to our 2008 state-wide Respite Conference. The feedback provided by attendees indicates that your breakout session on RealTime Speaking was well received and the information you provided was both valuable and inspirational. We look forward to working and presenting with you again in the future.” HAYLEY MARTIN, marketing and events coordinator, Interchange

“As the director and program coordinator for the Wholistic Business Network it is my job to carefully select the speakers and presentation topics for our members. I came across Robert Rabbin’s work for the first time in 2005, hearing him speak at a conference. It struck me how Robert managed to engage the audience in a manner that touched them in many ways. I know he left people with a profound sense of ‘reality’ and inspiration, which lasted for a long time after his presentation was finished. I consequently invited Robert twice to speak at the WBN business networking evenings where his presentations and work were well-received. (Not many speakers are invited back twice within a year!) Robert has got a way of cutting to the chase that is not only razor sharp and funny at the same time, but also filled with a great sense of empathy for the audience and the topic about which he’s speaking. He knows how to frame what is truly important and moves to higher grounds, elegantly distilling what is essential from the non essential. I certainly endorse Robert’s work and wish him all the success he deserves.” SANDHI SPIERS, founding director, Wholistic Business Network

“On behalf of myself and our Board, Interchange Victoria, and Interchange South Australia, I would like to sincerely thank you for your participation on our National Conference on October 29. I certainly felt that your contributions stimulated and enlightened the audience, and many people made particular comments as to the quality of your presentation.” KEVIN MICHAEL MARRON, executive officer, Interchange Respite Care (NSW) Inc.

“Thank you for a fantastic presentation! I believe you have made a great impression and I look forward to talking with you soon and working with you again.” MARGARET MANSON, InnoFuture MOMENTUM Innovation Network

“Sincere thanks and appreciation for an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights with us.” JEAN LAWSON, Wholistic Business Network, Melbourne

“Thank you so much for your recent presentation on the theme of Leadership Wisdom. I know the audience found your remarks to be profound, provocative, and entertaining. Your blend of wisdom and humor made for a memorable evening.” ELIZABETH ANN BLOOM, co-producer, The Presidio Dialogues

“Thank you for speaking at the JFK Masters class. What you did certainly enhanced the learning taking place during those three days. I appreciate your sensitivity to the group’s needs, your humor, candor, and enthusiasm. You really gave them a lot to think about and to “feel” about. We continually referenced your materials and your philosophy that weekend. Thank you for coming and sharing your unique point of view on personal transformation.” ELIZABETH TAYLOR, Ph.D., JFK University, School of Management

“We were delighted with your presentation and thoroughly enjoyed the easy manner in which you shared your wisdom. Your presence is really remarkable, and whether with words or in silence you radiate the sacredness that each person intuitively knows resides within themselves.” DANIEL PAGE, owner, SteppingStones Center

“Your talk touched the deepest part of my concern for humanity. Your stories and information were conveyed with feeling, experience, wisdom, and humor. I was completely and utterly inspired by your words.” LINDA AMBURGEY, co-owner, Crystal Way Center

“Your dialogue sermon on Sunday was a great success! The combination of your presence, sense of humor, and ability to tell it like it is kept everyone more than attentive.” SALLY AUSTIN, chairperson, Sausalito Presbyterian Church

“I have been meaning to get back to you all week, to thank you again for being on my panel at the annual drama therapy conference. I greatly valued your presentation and comments, as did the audience and other panelists.” JO BURROWS, coordinator, National Association of Drama Therapists

“It was a pleasure to have you present at the SLaM Cafe in Melbourne. The feedback was entirely positive.” NICK ODDY, vice president, SLaM (Spirituality, Leadership and Management) Network

“What a pleasure it was to have you as a guest speaker for our recent IONS meeting. Your choice of subject matter, insights, and the ease and humor with which you drew others into discussion made for an exciting and memorable morning.” KAREN DAWSON, Institute of Noetic Sciences, San Rafael chapter

“On behalf of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of Spirit at Work, we want to sincerely thank you for your insightful and very personable presentation. Feedback was very positive and the audience was clearly engaged and interested in your sharing.” CYNTHIA STRINGER and KIMBERLY WEICHEL, co-directors, Spirit at Work