Robert speaks on all the topics about which he writes, and he delights in crafting customized presentations to accommodate various size audiences, timeframes, and venues. Each presentation topic can be combined with a seminar or workshop to provide people with a more in-depth and interactive experience. Here are descriptions of Robert’s current signature keynotes:

“You Have Nine Months to Live!”
His lower spine and pelvis were so riddled with tumors that his doctors told him he faced total spinal collapse. With this January 2012 diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer, and a prognosis of nine months at most, Robert embarked on a profound journey of healing, all the while experiencing the most illuminating and liberating experiences in a life filled with them.

The 5 Principles of Authentic Living
After 50 years of intense self-study through a variety of spiritual disciplines — seeking wisdom, meaning, purpose, and his place in the world — Robert distilled and synthesized everything he learned into five principles, each principle comprising just two words. Using these principles, Robert is never lost or confused; he is able to tap into the core of his creative consciousness and express himself in unique and radically brilliant ways. Robert will show the audience how to embody these powerful, practical principles, how to easily and quickly access their own source of wisdom, and how to live with authenticity and fearless self-expression.

YOU Are The Message!
In this exhilarating, interactive learning experience, Robert – a radically brilliant speaker – will discuss the core philosophy, principles, and practices of Speaking Truthfully. He will help participants develop a profound and authentic presence through an awareness of the simple truth that “YOU are the message!” Special focus is on developing one’s real time awareness while speaking, choosing confidence instead of fear, understanding the power of vulnerability and connection, and appreciating the needs of an audience.

Silence: The Trump Card in the Spiritual Deck
What is silence? Is it simply the absence of sound, or is it perhaps more profound, more essential in your search to your authentic self? With Robert’s guidance, you will discover the true meaning of Silence within which are a plethora of mystery, magic, and secrets waiting to be unveiled. Your core identity; your one heart; the freedom, clarity, and joy that awaits within the Silence of your soul will unite you with your true Self and lead you home.

Radical Sages: Evolving the Stereotype of Sage
A sage can be defined as a wise being who lives according to an ideal which transcends the everyday. A radical is often characterized as one who departs from traditional thought or action. What, then, is a Radical Sage, and how would such a one live in today’s chaotic world? Uncover both the answer and your own inner Radical Sage as Robert shares his exhilarating journey from mystical sage atop the mountain of transcendence to the rough and tumble world of political participation and social activism.

A Soulful and Soul-Friendly Workplace
We all want to enhance our experience of work and enrich our work environments with greater meaning, purpose, joy, and deep human connection. We want our work to be a place of inspiration, where we can find full creative outlets for our deepest values and highest vision, where we aim for what’s never been done, and call out to a bigger, freer self that is just beyond who we are now. If we package all this together, we might just say we want to bring our soul to work in a workplace that is soul-friendly. Which means that the leadership of such a workplace must be soulful and soul-friendly! This talk is all about that kind of leadership.

As you enjoy the following memes — quotes from Robert along with a selection of comments from audience members of various talks — imagine each one as a “speaking theme” — the implications and subtle nuances and diverse applications of each theme being unpacked and explored and shared with you, the audience, live and in real time, for an hour, or two; for a day, or a week.