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“I would be more then confident to recommend Robert to any individual or company who wishes to be pushed ‘outside of the box’ and think differently on how to master the art of message in this new age of communication overload. Be warned. Robert is not plain vanilla. He is very colorful, charismatic, energetic and inspiring — all which rubs off.” BRADLEY COCKS, SVP Asia Pacific & Global Communications, Kiwi

“As an international award-winning social entrepreneur and catalyst of numerous purpose-driven ventures, including most recently the State of the World Forum [Australia] initiative, I have turned to Robert over the years as a trusted speaking and communication strategist, coach, mentor and advisor. The practical wisdom Robert shares with budding speakers everywhere isn’t something they could ever teach you at Harvard, Stanford, Wharton or L.S.E. Rhodes scholars miss out on that too. This, I have learned, is what Zen speaking mentors like Robert are for. If Rumi, Socrates and Robin Williams were somehow to mate, the result would resemble Robert Rabbin — a spiritual force for our times!” LAURENT S. LABOURMENE, 
leadership expert

“OBS has an 80-person strong consulting force, many of which are new to consulting and the development of their skills in the professional world. Robert Rabbin was engaged to create two courses, which he delivered around Australia for all our teams over the course of a few months. Both training courses had an enormous effect on the people in them. Normally people come out of a training course looking tired and bored, but not Robert’s. Everyone was excited, introspective on how they could improve themselves, and grateful they were given the opportunity to be challenged to find out who they authentically are. Robert is a joy to have in a room. He holds the attention of his audience for as long as it takes to deliver his message. The feedback from the OBS team across Australia is unanimous; he helped us find our authentic selves! We consider Robert an essential part of our team.” BIANCA PICKETT, services delivery/HR manager, OBS

“To work with Robert is to share an experience that goes beyond the conventional. He is a marvel, an exception, and a person who has helped so many to stand tall and speak from the heart.” DREW GINN, OAM, Olympic gold medalist, member of Australia’s “Oarsome Foursome”

“Revolutionary thanks to a revolutionary guy. Thank you for giving yourself to us so sincerely. You have opened new corridors for me and the entire executive team.” MICHAEL BUSH, president & CEO, Tetra Tech Communications Services

“Thank you so much, Robert! You’ve helped me see myself more clearly and believe in myself more fully.” LAURA HANSEN, CEO, Age Concerns

“Robert is the perfect catalyst for change and growth. He has helped me access the answers deep inside me. He coaches with caring, clarity, compassion and uproarious good humor.” JACQUI DUNNE, director, ACCESS Foundation

“Leadership requires that we be authentic. This is the area where working with Robert has provided great assistance and benefit.” GERALD W. BERNSTEIN, managing director, Stanford Transportation Group

“Thank you! You’ve shown me how to trust my people, how to step back and let them do what they are supposed to do. I have a whole different idea of what leadership is.” RICH WILEY, VP, Taliq Corporation

“Robert is the consummate professional. He is creative, reliable, and incredibly effective. It is a welcome and all too rare experience to find someone who over-delivers every time. He is a trusted advisor.” JEAN-CLAUDE KOVEN, president, Prism House Press

“Your coaching was extremely helpful, provocative, exciting, and full of humor. I am reminded of what is already awake within me and of the potential of true self expression.” CONNIE HARRIS, director, Tibetan US Resettlement Project

“Robert, I wanted to thank for your supportive and insightful coaching sessions. They were fantastic, and made me aware of my unconscious habits and how these are holding me back from being the speaker I want to be.” MICHAEL JENSEN, partner and principal consultant, Centre for Mediation, AeP Corporate Pty. Ltd.

“Planpower recently engaged Robert Rabbin to assist in the development and enhancement of our professional services consultants. The wisdom, passion, authenticity, honesty, humor and intensity that Robert brings with his presence is truly remarkable. In fact, it’s a pure magical experience watching and listening to him work with people. He is articulate, intelligent, and inspiring. He carefully and sensitively operates with such skill, precision, and intuitive insight as to compel his listeners into a deeply embodied, positive transformational response.” CAROLINE NADJ, resource manager, Planpower Pty. Ltd.

“I was a little concerned about riding off on horseback at sunrise to our wilderness camp, but the environment and your facilitation were perfect. It is clear that you have had a direct and measurable impact on the results we have achieved to date. Your single most important attribute is your ability to quickly bring issues to the surface and your effectiveness in communicating these to the group. I especially value your clarity and directness and appreciate your constant advocacy for doing the right thing the right way.” CHARLES W. MCLAUGHLIN, president, Taliq Corporation

“The accolades are pouring in. Our retreat was fabulous! In just two short days, you helped us turn our organization around. I knew we could get to that place of unified group consciousness in your capable hands.” TERRY LAMB, treasurer, National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.

“Robert is the bravest man I know. He is ugly and beautiful, flawed and perfect. He isn’t afraid to let the world see him. There is nothing he can’t say, and nowhere he’s sold out. He has balls of steel.” PETER COOK, business thought leaders, speaker, author

“In a few short hours, through his stories, expert questioning and keen observations, Robert can share lifetimes of wisdom and tools to help you know your truth, speak your truth, and live your truth. Robert is a true master.” CHANDU BICKFORD, corporate trainer, facilitator, coach