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Among the many characteristics and competencies of a leader, the most significant is the quality of their awareness: awareness of themselves and of others and of what is actually going on — as distinct from what they think is going on.


It’s easy for leaders to get overwhelmed, to feel stressed and anxious, to lose focus. That’s okay; it’s part of the game. It happens to everyone, sooner or later. The real leadership challenge is: what is your response when you do feel this way, when you become impatient, frustrated, too demanding, harshly critical; when you stop listening, when you stop caring about your people, when you no longer embody the values for a positive culture to flourish.


The good leaders ask for help, they put their hand up before they go down for good. This is exactly where an experienced, trustworthy, reliable mentor comes in. Mentor, coach, confidant, consultant, adviser: all words pointing to a private, personalized support system to get you back on track and keep you there. A mentor who works with you, and maybe other key players or your entire team, to identify the actual source of what’s not working well and, together, creating an effective strategy to bring back the hum, the glow, the flow and, yes, the fun.


Leadership coaching provides practical insight and skills to expand your self-awareness, as well as to:

  •    define positive values
  •    use power to serve others
  •    express creativity and intuition
  •    manage your mind and emotions
  •    transform negative patterns and habits
  •    enhance effectiveness and performance
  •    open channels of authentic self-expression
  •    release blocked energy for creative activity
  •    improve communication and relationship skills
  •    discover balance and equanimity within change.


Leadership coaching helps to increase:

  •    stillness and silence
  •    creativity and intuition
  •    openness and listening
  •    empathy and equanimity
  •    holistic seeing and integrated decisions.


Leadership coaching helps to decrease:

  •    knee-jerk decision-making
  •    impatience and frustration
  •    tension and anxiety
  •    hypocrisy and dishonesty
  •    anger and blame.


Robert Rabbin is a savvy, experienced, effective leadership coach, according to his clients.


“If Rumi, Socrates and Robin Williams were somehow to mate, the result would resemble Robert Rabbin — a spiritual force for our times!”

LAURENT S. LABOURMENE, leadership advisor, strategist, social entrepreneur

“Your commitment to the development of a deeper self-knowing as the essence of leadership growth has had profound effect on all of us. Your expertise with inquiry has helped to generate a clarity of inner knowing that has had a lasting effect. Thanks, Robert, both for myself and for the value you brought to our work with Cellular One, Tupperware, Intel, and our other clients.”


“Working with Robert has been one of the most significant growth experiences in my life. Robert has a masterful ability to identify key issues, combined with deep wisdom. He encourages me to face issues honestly, openly, earnestly. It is rare to find someone with such eloquence, humor, and deep sense of caring. If you are tired of dancing around the edge of issues, if you want to connect with your inner truth, walk boldly and take action to align your passions and spirit — you will find no better guide.”

SHARON HENDERSON, executive vice president, Bailard