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“I had a very insightful, empowering session with Robert yesterday via Zoom — 90 minutes of taking a look at being more authentic, owning my courage and grace and not being intimidated or fearful! Very helpful and encouraging. If you are wanting someone to listen with compassion and offer excellent feedback — Robert’s your guy!” JANE DAVIS, artist, author, workshop leader

“Robert is not just a leadership and speaking coach extraordinaire, he is also a spiritual director. In the short time I have worked with him, he’s helped me to tune in deep and wide and allow my original authentic voice to express itself so as to be heard by myself and others through my work and writing. His ways of working are effective, challenging, supportive and fun. He is the real deal. I highly recommend you take the time and have chat with him to experience him for yourself.” SHAYLIN ROSE, women’s well-being coach, speaker, writer

“Thanks for everything. I think of you and know what I need to do: choose confidence and be playful and be myself. I reckon you are definitely at the top of the list out of all the mentors/ teachers/ coaches/ therapists I’ve ever had, and there’s been many, mainly because you keep bringing it all back to being myself and that this is enough.” NICOLE LLOYD, creator of SoundBirth

“Integrity is such a rare commodity, which is why it is such a refreshing change to work with someone who has such a connection to their own authentic self. It is because of this level of personal integrity that Robert can cut straight through the noise, identify the underlying truth, and speak directly to that which needs to be done. Thanks, Robert, for your honesty, integrity, and presence.” THOMAS GREEN, digital marketing strategist

“I’ve worked with Robert for more than two years. He is my golden treasure. He is like a sacred text, whose value runs deep and in unexpected ways. He will quite literally change your life. Do not work with him if you don’t want to excavate your truth and go on a hero’s journey to find your authentic voice. Do not work with him if you are committed to a halfassed, politically correct, homogenized version of yourself or your message. He does not do nice and cute. You see, no one on the planet thinks like Robert does and no one is able to facilitate growth the way he does. Robert is refreshing, unequivocal, and, like many master painters, ahead of his times. In the time that we have worked together, I have changed at the very core of my being in ways that are deeply personal to me. I am now transparent, courageous, and empowered. I am not afraid to be seen, visually and vocally. I can bring the velocity of my true expression without dumbing it down or softening the edges. I think from a different vantage point now that makes a world of difference. If you want to be a lighthouse in a noisy marketplace where everyone is shouting the same slogans and banging their tin drums then you have to work with Robert. He will do open heart surgery on your truth, your voice, your message, your ability to be present as a presenter, to speak clearly above the din in such a way that you will come to know yourself like never before. I have to say also that he will wave his magic with a big heart of compassion and care, not to mention a wicked sense of humor. He is not really scary, he is just vast so buckle up.” LOTUS INDIGO SHAKTI KRUSE, teacher, writer, speaker

“Our society deeply lacks truth and honesty on so many levels – personal, professional, in the media, business, government, law … and we all suffer because of this. Truth has been replaced in too many ways by cover ups and convenient lies, and so called Whistleblowers are often severely punished simply for telling the truths that we all have a right to know. We are each responsible for knowing and living our own truth and for also holding each other accountable to speaking and living truthfully. I have learned so much on this from Robert Rabbin, who’s work and guidance has opened unseen doors for me and the next layers of my authentic self. If truth and authenticity are part of your journey, work and service to the world, then connect with Robert.” MO LATIN, creator, The Men’s Circle

“Robert is one of my favorite wisdom teachers. His work is like no other. This is one brilliant and riveting man, whose teachings changed my life.The light he sheds on being authentic and abandoning the fruitless quest for reason or logic, calls one to their unlimited, liberated Self. Robert’s clear, wise and passionate approach leaves one spellbound, and swiftly moving beyond their former notions.” MAUREEN MOSS, author, keynote speaker, president of The World Puja

“Robert told me I was attached to my suffering. I told him he was full of crap. No one has ever talked to me that way. I was very uncomfortable, but it was an incredible session. I went home and dealt with two issues I had been afraid of facing for months. The truth he spoke penetrated to my core and I couldn’t deny it. I experienced true compassion and wisdom from him.” HEATHER MARTIN, artist

“The probing of the dialogue makes me question and reexamine the core of my beliefs to see whether they are true. I’m encouraged to listen to my inner voice and to trust it. I discover things for myself. A light bulb goes off and something that seemed really complicated becomes very simple.” RANDALL WARD, rock guitarist, songwriter

“After witnessing Robert speak, I was inspired and awed by the ease and presence with which he spoke. Knowing that my life’s work would someday include teaching and speaking, I longed to have what I saw in Robert that night. I asked for his help. In a very short period of time, Robert coached me with simple techniques. I applied his coaching in a presentation; to this day I’m still amazed that it was me who spoke that night. Instead of dreadful fear and panic, I felt energized, alive, and present. I can actually say that I look forward to my next opportunity to talk about my work and promote my business in front of a group.” LINDA AMBURGEY, co-owner, Crystal Way Metaphysical Center, astrologer

“I first encountered Robert at a conference where he was the keynote speaker, and was immediately struck by his outstanding presence and authenticity. In these days there would seem to be a surfeit of counselors and gurus, but Robert is the genuine article. Having heard him speak in public to a very large audience, I was amazed and delighted to find that he makes himself so readily available to anyone who wishes to talk with him. I was very excited when I first visited him. His style is unique: welcoming, wise, and witty at the same time. Never have I had the opportunity to communicate with someone with such a deep understanding of the human condition, spirituality, and, most importantly, the real world. Robert’s unique gift is that he brings a lifetime of philosophical study and mystical practice to show individuals how to live a practical, loving, purposeful, and profitable life. Robert’s counsel is liberating and highly effective. Robert has had a major impact on my personal and professional life. His words are with me daily, and I treasure the time that I was able to spend with him. They were undoubtedly the most profound and rewarding conversations of my life.” ANDREW MORGAN, asset manager, St Vincent de Paul Society