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Robert has been mentoring people for more than 30 years, from way before the coaching industry was even a gleam in someone’s eye! As a testament to his standing in the coaching  field, he was invited to speak to the Master Coaches of the International Coach Federation about their next step in coaching development.

Personal Mentoring provides practical guidance and accountability support for you as you create clarity of self and purpose, establish core lifestyle commitments, and liberate deeper resources of wisdom, compassion, and love. You will learn how to use The 5 Principles of Authentic Living and how to live from the deepest place of authentic truth within your own self.

Personal Mentoring sessions offer you a unique environment to enhance your self-awareness while exploring:

  • career and work
  • meaning and purpose
  • transitions and change
  • effective self-expression
  • happiness and fulfillment
  • creativity and spontaneity
  • healing and empowerment
  • motivation and enthusiasm
  • effectiveness and performance
  • responsibility and accountability
  • understanding spiritual emergence
  • actualizing spiritual awareness in everyday life.

Key results of Personal Mentoring include a profound reawakening of purpose and meaning, increased energy and vitality, an alignment of insight and action, the experience of freedom and creativity, and a commitment to living and speaking authentically, in all situations, all the time.



“You better have your big girl or big boy pants on to work with Robert Rabbin! I just started working with him and what a wake-up call! I thought I simply needed a wee bit of support and guidance to get my new project off the ground. Well, I was sorely mistaken! Look, if you’re ready, as I am, to stand up and take action on expressing your life authentically, connect with Robert. He is teaching me to speak truthfully, without apology, and to take action on the things True Self wishes to express — no matter how implausible or even irritating this may seem to the rest of the world. I can’t recommend him enough. He is potent, lethal, passionate, caring, supportive and unapologetically authentic and true. Whether you want coaching or not, what you do need is his book: The 5 Principles of Authentic Living. This book will shake you up and pour you directly into your own Truth! WHOA!” 

KATHY BENSON, entrepreneur

“I have been working with Robert for the past two years and I can only feel gratitude for his being, his wisdom and insight in all the challenges I have faced in pursuing confidence to bring out my message to the world. He is a clear mirror in authentic self-expression and he has helped me in deep ways to have confidence in who I am and what I can achieve. His generosity, patience and love have no boundaries.” 

MYRIAM NEGRE, award-winning Spanish photographer, artist, filmmaker; creator of The Red Path