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Robert has been mentoring people for more than 30 years, from way before the coaching industry was even a gleam in someone’s eye! As a testament to his standing in the coaching  field, he was invited to speak to the Master Coaches of the International Coach Federation about their next step in coaching development.

Personal Mentoring provides practical guidance and accountability support for you as you create clarity of self and purpose, establish core lifestyle commitments, and liberate deeper resources of wisdom, compassion, and love. You will learn how to use The 5 Principles of Authentic Living and how to live from the deepest place of authentic truth within your own self.

Personal Mentoring sessions offer you a unique environment to enhance your self-awareness while exploring:

  • career and work
  • meaning and purpose
  • transitions and change
  • effective self-expression
  • happiness and fulfillment
  • creativity and spontaneity
  • healing and empowerment
  • motivation and enthusiasm
  • effectiveness and performance
  • responsibility and accountability
  • understanding spiritual emergence
  • actualizing spiritual awareness in everyday life.

Key results of Personal Mentoring include a profound reawakening of purpose and meaning, increased energy and vitality, an alignment of insight and action, the experience of freedom and creativity, and a commitment to living and speaking authentically, in all situations, all the time.



“I was introduced to Robert’s work when I needed to make a life-changing decision. I read both Speak Truthfully and The 5 Principles of Authentic Living in one day while tears streamed down my face. The simplicity of Robert’s message of how to live an authentic life jump-started my heart, especially: speak truthfully. The effects of practicing this one teaching are massive, as I soon found out. I also had the honor of being coached by Robert, twice, which was profound and hilarious and terrifying and enlightening — as all authentic communications should be. He’s compassionate, but doesn’t mess around. I’ve worked with countless spiritual teachers, self-help gurus, therapists, and coaches and I can say with complete certainty that Robert is the real deal. He is his teachings. His books and our two conversations gave me the balls (breasts) to do what I had been avoiding for most of my life, which was not only to speak my truth, but to take creative action as my truth. So I did. And my life changed dramatically. While I refuse to say that my life now matches some stereotypical picture of ‘success,’ what I’m excited to say is that Robert helped me align with what I experience to be far more important and personally fulfilling — my soul’s success. And for this, I’m eternally grateful and will continue to practice what I’ve learned from Robert for the rest of my life. Check him out, but prepare yourself. Living authentically ain’t easy. It kicks ass and then some. Robert is definitely here to disturb the Universe and this is a good and necessary and beyond brave thing to do.” 

SERA BEAK, Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions, speaker, author of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story

“I have been working with Robert for the past two years and I can only feel gratitude for his being, his wisdom and insight in all the challenges I have faced in pursuing confidence to bring out my message to the world. He is a clear mirror in authentic self-expression and he has helped me in deep ways to have confidence in who I am and what I can achieve. His generosity, patience and love have no boundaries.” 

MYRIAM NEGRE, award-winning Spanish photographer, artist, filmmaker; creator of The Red Path