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With more than 25 years of designing and facilitating distinctive retreats for individuals, couples, groups, teams, and companies, Robert can provide a unique learning environment and inspirational experience that will last a lifetime. The most ambitious of our retreats? A 30-day residential retreat for 1,500 people outside of Paris! We specialize in designing and leading private retreats for senior executives who need the time, place, and means to regenerate their spirit and clarify their personal and professional purpose.

A retreat allows us to clarify our purpose and values, strengthen relationships, evaluate current commitments, and learn new skills and attitudes. Retreats afford us the time to delve deeper into the connection between our inner consciousness and the outer world, exploring the relationship between us and our creations. Retreats are an opportunity to refurbish our vision, revise our strategies and goals, regenerate our energy — to learn, to grow, and to apply; to explore, experience, and express.

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Our retreat designs have taken our clients to many locations and venues, including the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas, the Santa Cruz Mountains of northern California, The Broadmoor Resort in the Colorado Rockies, and an exclusive, private residence in Ojai. We often introduce organizational clients to outdoor and adventure-based activites, and have included such learning experiences as fire walks, drumming circles, rock climbing, ropes courses, wilderness vision quests, hot-air ballooning — even blind-fold soccer! We are not shy to introduce clients to meditation and self-inquiry in order to better understand our inner life.

Brilliant Business: A Road Map to the 21st Century from Robert Rabbin on Vimeo.