An audience member from one of Robert’s talks said, “I’ve heard so many speakers over the years, and they all seem to have gone to the same school. Except Robert. He’s so different. He seems to have gone to his own school.”

Robert is a unique speaker because he and his speaking are one, not two. There is no separation between who he is and what he says. It’s called embodiment. His transformative presence and the power of his words come from who he is, from the life he has lived, from the passions he has pursued, and from the wisdom he has gained through experience. When he speaks, every minute of years and years and years of study, practice, and realization speak, too

Robert creates instant credibility with his presence and deepens it with his speaking. He is a master storyteller who weaves words and images, stories and anecdotes, pauses and silence — and audience interaction — into a brilliant and memorable experience for audience members.

Robert’s talks are less about information than inspiration, less a prescription than an adventure in self-discovery, less about external models than inner experience, less about expert advice than the audience’s own inner knowing. He relies on spontaneity rather than Powerpoint and prepared presentation, trusting his own real-time awareness and connection to the audience to provide just the right words.


“This is what Robert does: he stands and speaks from the very core of his authentic self. Robert doesn’t just speak about heart, soul, and juice; he doesn’t just speak about being present and real. He is heart, soul, and juice! He is present and real!”

JOHN MATTHEWS, director,
Institute of Executive Coaching

“I was impressed with Robert’s thoughtful and wise presentation. I appreciated his ability to view the world from an eagle’s perspective and to speak about it eloquently and with a courageous sense of self. He builds a sensitive rapport with his audience. He he’s ignited a fire in my belly.”

LYNDA LEONARD, conference coordinator, Third International Conference on Enlightenment

“Thank you again for coming and speaking at the Love Your Business Community Dinner. Having seen you speak before, I already knew that you are a masterful speaker. Your speaking is both authentic and polished. You model your Speaking Truthfully principles totally — you are completely present, authentic, and in relationship with your audience. One of our members said, ‘It’s as though he is sitting having a fireside chat with 80 people.’ You are also technically masterful: you speak beautifully, are extremely entertaining, and use silence better than anyone I have ever seen. The other aspect that I loved was the content of your talk. You read the room and the context perfectly, and your speech built on and added to what I and others had already said. You were moving, inspiring, and as I said on the night, spoke our message even better than we had. In your book, you say you love public speaking — your love for your art comes through loud and clear.”

PETER COOK, CEO, Love Your Business