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Here are the flagship Speaking Truthfully programs. The various masterclasses are not tightly-scripted trainings; they are open, spontaneous, free-wheeling adventures in authentic self-expression and public speaking. Robert maintains a “mix and match” attitude, customizing programs to particular needs and capacities of each class. Every masterclass includes workbook, discussion, written exercises, role plays, and speaking assignments, along with constant coaching feedback from Robert. Some programs will include video taping and playback of talks. Masterclass formats may range from half-day classes to multi-day intensives and retreat immersion experiences. Individual coaching — in person or at-a-distance via Zoom video conferencing app — is also offered. And, of course, Robert would love to deliver a presentation about Speaking Truthfully to energize your next workshop, meeting, conference, or retreat — which will most certainly thrill and delight the audience members! To read what people say about Speaking Truthfully programs, please click the button to the right.

Liberate Your Cosmic Roar!

Learn to speak with courage, confidence, and connection,
with vulnerability and transparency, without hiding, pretense, or defense.
Learn to tell the truth and to show who you are, honestly and directly.

Cosmic roar! It’s the sound only you can make. Everyone has one. Built into our essential being, it’s the distinctive signature of your most authentic presence, your most truthful voice, your most compelling message. Your cosmic roar is the expression of your beautiful heart melded with the artistry to speak it freely and effectively in front of anyone and everyone, everywhere, all the time. It is life pouring through you—unobstructed, freewheeling, fearless, powerful.

  • How often have you hidden yourself when you wanted to be seen, or remained seated when you wanted to stand, or stayed quiet when you wanted to speak?
  • What if you could experience and embody freedom from these and other symptoms of self-suppression and self-betrayal?
  • What if you could learn how to self-generate portable safety, such that wherever you go, you are free to truly show up and speak your truth?
  • What if you could Liberate Your Cosmic Roar, along with learning essential skills of effective speaking?

Although you will learn to speak in public with confidence and assurance, this is much more than a public speaking course. It is a path to transformation, an opportunity to break through barriers that have inhibited you most of your life. Those who have taken the course have described it as “life changing,” because when you get into the habit of speaking truthfully, almost anything is possible.

YOU ARE THE MESSAGE: Speaking with Credibility, Confidence, and Connection

This is an exhilarating learning experience, one that is larger than just dissolving the fears we have about speaking our truth with clarity and power. It increases our capacity to be fully present, our capacity to inspire, motivate and influence others through our authentic self-expression, connection, and confidence. We develop a truthful and profound presence. The effects of this embodied change are self-evident:

  • Connect with passion, poise and power
  • Learn how to self-generate portable safety
  • Express with ease, enthusiasm, and energy
  • Recognize that a fear of speaking is not natural
  • Know how to remain comfortable in all situations
  • Discover that vulnerability is the greatest strength
  • Communicate with clarity, credibility and confidence
  • Understand the source of self-suppression and subdue your inner bullies . . .
  • … and, of course, much more!

CONFIDENCE IS A CHOICE : Reclaiming Your Power to Speak and Be Heard

Does speaking truthfully sometimes make you feel anxious and light-headed? Do you repress your voice and withhold your authentic feelings and point of view because you fear rejection or being misunderstood? Would you like to speak with more confidence and credibility, while commanding trust and respect? This class is for everyone who wants to speak up and be heard anywhere and everywhere, all the time — at work, home, school, play. Speak up. Be heard. Everywhere. All the time.

Most of us announce our entry into this world with some big sounds. Right out of the womb, we start making noise: Here I am! Our hard drive seems equipped with authentic self-expression. After a while, though, we start retreating from the high ground of authentic speaking; pretty soon, we learn that it isn’t always good or safe to roar our truth. There are countless ways in which we make unconscious decisions to curtail our self-expression, for one reason or another, which leads to habits and patterns of self-suppression. Until these internal attitudes and mindsets are dissolved, we can’t ever truly reclaim our power to speak and be heard.

This masterclass introduces participants to “innate confidence,” which is a self-blessing to own and use our inborn right to express ourselves, to speak and be heard, everywhere and at all times. This masterclass is for everyone who wants to authentically and powerfully express themselves to others, and to be heard and considered. You will learn how to:

  • activate yourd “innate” confidence
  • self-generate portable comfort and safety
  • develop comfort in seeing and being seen
  • neutralize any fears of criticism or judgment
  • embody the feeling of authenticity in speaking
  • dissolve blocks and taboos that inhibit self-expression
  • eliminate tension and anxiety around public speaking …
  • … and, of course, much more!


We have all acquired and can use language, but very few of us have learned how to “speak” effectively. In terms of style, or the way we verbally and nonverbally, present ourselves to others, there is much to learn and to know. This masterclass is devoted to that purpose and it is for everyone for whom public speaking is an important part of their life and who wants to become self-aware and confident in front of others, on a stage large or small, whether speaking to 10 or 10,000 people. This masterclass focuses on how to play one’s “speaking instrument” as a maestro, consciously and intentionally. You will learn how to:

  • own the stage with personal presence
  • maintain self-awareness while speaking
  • speak with intimacy, vulnerability, and integrity
  • maintain comfort, composure under all circumstances
  • effectively use the five elements of our communication instrument
  • organically incorporate silence, humor, and emotion into your speaking
  • quickly establish authentic connection with yourself and your audience …
  • … and, of course, much more!

SPEAK FOR EFFECT: Creating Clear, Concise, and Compelling Content

This masterclass focuses on the substance of one’s speaking: the content. Whenever we speak, we create an effect on our audience, whether our audience is one person or 5,000. We produce the effect, in part, with what we say: our content. Are we able to create a conscious, purposeful, and intentional effect, or do we just hope for the best?

In Speak for Effect, you will learn how to skillfully conceive, organize, and communicate your message so your audience is immediately inspired and motivated to listen to you wholeheartedly and with full attention. Human attention spans are fragile and short-lived, and our audiences are besieged daily with hundreds of messages seeking their time and attention. Your audience will be impatient for you to get right to the point, and they will want your message to be meaningful and relevant to them, and in terms they can quickly and easily understand and relate to.

If you ramble without focus, they will tune out. If you overwhelm them with too much information, they will tune out. If you have no emotional authenticity in your stories, they will tune you out. The fact that you may have important things to say does not mean that people will hear, remember, and use your important message. You have to know how to Speak for Effect — how to consistently produce a conscious, intentional, and purposeful effect.

In this class, you will learn how to frame your message in ways that are meaningful and relevant to your audience, and in terms they can quickly and easily understand and relate to. You will learn how to tell stories with emotional authenticity and in ways that make “information” more easily understood and absorbed than mere data points. You will learn how to use The Five Ps and Flight Plan, clarifying and organizing tools which enable you to easily generate clear, concise, memorable messages for all manner of communication opportunities:

  • lectures
  • keynotes
  • workshops
  • conferences
  • media interviews
  • fundraising activities
  • business presentations.

ANGELIC TROUBLEMAKERS: Challenging the Status Quo

challenge, v.: dispute the truth or validity of; attempt to do something that one thinks will be difficult or impossible.

status quo, n.: the existing state of affairs, esp. regarding social or political issues, but can include the current state of anything: belief systems, attitudes, organizational cultures, views of reality, racial/gender/sexual stereotypes.

Whistleblowers. Evolutionaries. Revolutionaries. Inventors. Innovators. Activists. Artists. Scientists. Explorers. Educators. Healers. Sexologists.

Challenging the status quo in any realm and domain of human existence is the evolutionary impetus for the civilization of civilization. Challenging the status quo is a supremely creative act, often heroic, sometimes world-changing — whether that act be a private one of personal transformation or a collaborative one for the sake of social justice, scientific discovery, or improved technology. Challenging the status quo is, well, challenging. It takes courage, persistence, intention, resilience, boldness. Many who would speak truthfully about the ways in which they want to challenge a status quo do not. Why? Lack of confidence. Fear of condemnation. Lack of clarity. Unfocused narrative. No plan or strategy.

Angelic Troublemakers is a customized masterclass and personal coaching sessions for those who want to challenge the status quo with confidence, clarity, and conviction. With a clear and compelling narrative. With a plan and strategy to promote your idea, project, invention, philosophy, or social action. With someone who has your back.

The only way to get better at some things is to do those things: public speaking is one of them. You can only study, practice, and rehearse so much, before you’ve got to step onto the stage and show up in real time. High wire, no net. Live fire. Where it counts. On the stage.

Video tape your talk, lecture, presentation, workshop and send it to me. Together, we’ll review your speaking style and substance and look for ways in which you can be more natural and confident, more connected, more impactful; and we’ll evaluate your message, the content, to see if it is compelling your audience to lean forward, eager for each next word.

Personal coaching for people who engage with media: authors, entertainment celebrities, professional athletes, organizational spokespeople, politicians, fundraisers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors.

A day doesn’t pass without some prominent figure — whether a politician, corporate spokesperson, athlete, film or TV star, author — absolutely blowing up their credibility and reputation in full view of millions of people! Yes, media is everywhere, more Orwellian than Big Brother in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. One would think with the pervasiveness of media that people in the public eye would learn how to speak and act in a conscious, intentional manner that establishes and promotes their credibility and dignity, while effectively transmitting their clear, thoughtful, and concise message. One would think.

Alas, this is not the case. So, if you are someone who interacts with the media — print, broadcast, internet, social media — and would like to do so in a confident, credible, dignified way, with a clear, compelling message that consistently generates the effects you want to create — let’s get to work.

CONSCIOUS COMMUNICATION IN THE WORKPLACE: Creating a Culture of Truthful Speaking

All relationships, performance, and productivity are fully dependent upon the clarity and quality of communication. The overall aim of this program is to create a culture in which people are expected to speak in an open, honest, direct, and timely manner.

A culture of Conscious Communication is one in which people choose to have open, honest, timely communications intended to share information, provide feedback, strengthen relationships, build trust, solve problems, realize goals, and produce positive results.

In order to create this kind of culture, a set of carefully considered communication principles, defined behaviorally, must be created, embraced, and modeled by managers and leaders of an organization. This one-day program for up to 12 executive-level participants is a highly interactive exploration of high-performance communication principles and behaviors, and may include video, discussion, and group exercises. The output of the day is a set of behaviorally-defined communication principles that become the way people communicate — all the time.


Personal Mentoring is an extremely effective way to hone one’s delivery skills and prepare compelling content for a specific speaking opportunity — conference keynote, workshop, media interview, business presentation, or political speech. The focus of these sessions is determined by your specific abilities, situation, and needs. This Speaking Truthfully service is personalized and confidential, and is offered to individuals who are ready for a full-on experience.


The same mentoring service as above, but at a distance, via the Zoom video conferencing app. This is a perfect way for those who are unable to meet with Robert personally to receive personalized coaching for interviews, keynotes, conferences, and client meetings — from wherever you are.


Speaking Truthfully presentations are ideal for business and association meetings, as well as for gatherings of any group of people with similar interests and goals.

Presentations are lively, fun, and interactive, and audience members are invited to participate in role-plays. For audiences of any size, we can tailor a one-hour presentation on the essential principles of Speaking Truthfully. Participants take away positive attitudes and practical behavioral skills, which make them better speakers in only one hour!