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It seems axiomatic that the quality of our speaking — what we say and how we say it — determines the quality of almost everything in our lives! The style, substance, and effectiveness of our speaking, the sum total of our verbal and nonverbal expressions, is thus critically important. Our speaking pervades all domains of our lives: personal, social, professional, political, spiritual. Speaking is everywhere.

And, in all speaking situations, whether it be a spiritual sermon, a conference keynote or high-stakes business meeting, a book tour or media interview, a pitch to producers or venture capitalists , a political stump speech or nonprofit fundraiser, a global webinar or an intimate one-on-one social encounter — in all speaking situations: YOU are the message. You command respect and attention, you impart power to your words, you inspire others, you impact and influence people, you are credible and believable. YOU are the message.

This is why we have to be authentic, genuine, and sincere in our speaking, to be willing and able to tell the truth, to show others who we really are and what we stand for; we have to reveal what’s in our heart in an honest and credible manner. Vulnerability. Intimacy. Transparency. Connection. Courage. Confidence. Clarity. Power. Presence. Awareness. Silence. These words are the portable platform on which we must stand if we are to speak truthfully.

My philosophy is that whoever we are, wherever we are in life, whatever we’re doing — we can only prosper if we tell the truth, if we speak authentically. Speaking Truthfully means we use our words, expressions, gestures, and spirit to reveal, rather than conceal, our authentic self, purpose, and motivation. We cannot lie, distort, or mislead people when Speaking Truthfully. We cannot be split in two, serving different masters and different value systems. Speaking Truthfully requires impeccability; we need to establish our personal credibility as human beings, without which people will not listen to us because they will not believe us.

This is why we have to consciously, intentionally, and purposefully develop our facility to speak with authenticity, credibility, and skill; to speak with courage, confidence, and connection. To speak with vulnerability and transparency. To speak without hiding, pretense, or defense. To be willing to show up, look people directly in the eyes, and tell the truth. To show who we are, honestly and directly.

And we have to be able to craft clear, meaningful, and relevant messages that connect with each audience, that arouses their attention and interest, that touches them deeply, and that calls them irresistibly to action.

How do I know this? Simple: because I’ve paid attention to what works during my thirty-year career as a public speaker and as the creator of Speaking Truthfully, which is a profound, powerful, and daring style of authentic self-expression, public speaking, and communication based on the authenticity, vulnerability, and self-awareness of the speaker. Its essential philosophy and fundamental tenet is: YOU are the message!

The Speaking Truthfully philosophy, principles, and practices are the direct expression of my lifelong cultivation of self-awareness and love affair with public speaking. Speaking Truthfully is unique in the field of public speaking and self-expression because its seeds were planted in this rich soil of self-exploration, and then nourished by an abiding love of curiosity, creativity, improvisation, experimentation, freedom, and joy.

Speaking Truthfully teaches us to show up, plant our feet on the ground, look people in the eyes, and tell the truth. No hiding, posturing, pretending. No deception, half-truths, or statements we don’t believe. If we speak truthfully, people will listen. Our life will glow. Our work will thrive. Our heart will sing. Our spirit will soar. We will be a blessing to ourselves and to others.

It is precisely my history of self-development, along with my more than thirty years of public speaking, that is the basis for my mastery in teaching and coaching others, for my remarkable capacity to see everything about a person’s speaking and offer insights and possibilities not available anywhere else.

Based on my students’ comments, I can honestly tell you that each in his or her own way is now a more confident, compelling, and authentic speaker in front of any audience, and they are more effective in promoting their ideas, affecting change, inspiring action, and influencing the course of events.

Speaking Truthfully is who I am, what I do, and what I teach. I have worked with hundreds of people from virtually every walk of life, with a special focus on thought leaders, change agents, healers, and transformational speakers and coaches, especially those working in the area of women’s empowerment. Of course, I’d love to be of service to you and your network of friends and colleagues to provide the same value.

I truly look forward to speaking with you directly!


“I have studied speaking and have been doing it for years but I must say that I believe Robert to be by far the best public speaker I have ever come across! He has a way of encouraging authenticity in all of his students that really works; consequently any one who has been lucky enough to come under his tutelage improves considerably and quickly learns how to speak with genuine authenticity. He speaks straight from the heart and seems to know just how to pass that quality on to his students. If you have any reason to speak anywhere at all, you need to attend all of Robert’s workshops. If you wish to speak more dynamically and more authentically, you must go to the master, Robert Rabbin. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

BRONWYN BROWN, professional actress, singer, acting teacher

“The Speaking Truthfully program is the only speaking training that genuinely helped me move beyond my fear of public speaking. I had tried many others unsuccessfully. Robert’s program helps you to understand your reasons for wanting to speak and the true barriers. Other programs are much more formulaic. Speaking Truthfully is a tailored, intuitive and deeply transformative program. Overcoming my fear (terror actually) of public speaking was holding me back in so many ways. I wasn’t able to reach an audience bigger than one and I was actually even hesitant to write the book I had always dreamed of writing for fear that I’d be asked to speak in public about it. My confidence increased tenfold after doing Robert’s course and my business grew in ways that I would never have imagined.”

KATE JAMES, speaker, teacher, and author on mindfulness