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Here is a representative sample of comments by people who’ve been introduced to The 5 Principles of Authentic Living or Conversations on the High Wire by Robert, in person, and who’ve had a chance to be mentored by him in their exploration of these principles.

“The Saturday event that I hosted this past weekend with Robert Rabbin was amazing. So amazing that I invited him back to keep the conversation going. I can honestly tell you that one afternoon with him opened me up to an entirely new way of being. The 5 Principles of Authentic Living are very powerful, and they really are the way to not only live authentically, but to free ourselves from fear, worry, judgment, and all that other b.s. that holds us back. And let me just say: The truth rocks. It really is the only way.” TAMMY FINNERTY, founder, My Neighborhood Yoga

“I remember marveling at the words Robert spoke: I had no idea that anyone could speak in such a way! The integrity, the commitment, the honesty, the wisdom and the deep inner joy came through with every word he uttered. With every word I heard him speak, I found myself wanting to know more, to seek a deeper understanding of things spiritual and temporal, to somehow grow in wisdom. I appreciate the way in which he so readily shares his knowledge, wisdom, and experience.” MARY DELANEY, award-winning interior designer

“Thank you, Robert, for the opportunity to attend yesterday’s workshop and to be part of your conversation about life. It is a very different experience for me to sit and listen and converse with you in the proximity of the same room, as opposed to reading your words or listening to your audiobook. As you say, the Shakti, or whatever word is used for that force which is so tangible, allows an experience beyond just the words.” JULIE STEPHENSON, photographer

“Robert is authenticity personified. He is the greatest example I know of someone who truly walks his talk. Every workshop and talk I’ve attended where Robert has spoken has had the authenticity message woven into it so beautifully. I am constantly inspired by Robert — as were my clients at The 5 Principles of Authentic Living event we held recently. The positive feedback is still pouring in. Everyone just loves him!” KATE JAMES, director, Total Balance

“These 10 words are tangible words of truth and they are etched into my consciousness. Go see and hear Robert, it will change you!” ALLANAH BAHNSEN, radio host, Heart Space

“I loved the conciseness of the content and watching the dynamics play out. Robert’s style is different; the material is great; stay open. Relationships of all natures, personal or business, will flourish.” CATHERINE TAYLOR, international speaker and facilitator in the field of personal empowerment

“Alternatively highly stimulating and satisfying; this workshop provided me with two major insights/breakthroughs regarding my self-limiting beliefs. I have greater freedom to take action and to dispense with a lot of unnecessary thinking and fear and so to utilize the knowledge, skill, and experience I already have. Great program: like anything this man does, he is a great exponent of the powerful stuff he preaches. I love his humor, courage, candor, and genuine intent. Robert is an inspiration and a guide to leading a rich and fulfilling life.” MIKE STREET, psychologist

“This program reinforced in simple and user-friendly terms that authenticity is a constant choice we can choose anytime we wish. If you choose to step in and apply the tools, your life will be all the richer. If I stay present then I can serve my clients and my relationships beautifully. Robert is natural, down-to-earth, and informal.” CHRIS MCKEE, psychologist

“The revelation I had is that it’s OK to discover who you are through each moment of your life and to be completely free to do this. As cliché as this may sound, it is enlightening.” LARA GULLUYAN, risk management, financial services

“At Robert’s workshop you will learn to open your heart and reframe distorted thinking patterns and perceptions, especially denial of fear. This will help you to communicate with others whilst being self-confident and strong, resourceful and decisive. I loved how Robert was fully present in the workshop. He delivers with clarity and 100% passion and commitment. His knowledge is life-changing. His facilitating style is gentle yet probing which results in a huge amount of new insights and wisdom for participants. Robert has been such a gift to my life. I thoroughly recommend you attend his program.” ARLENE FULTON, administrative and office manager

“Finding you in the world has been a real delight. Your disrespect for convention, antagonism toward tedium, encouragement of big thinking and possibility, and love for the wonder and miracle of living — to name just a few — have brought me extreme happiness and joy. It’s been an immense pleasure to have worked with you, at Charter and on a personal level, to introduce into the company and into my life some of your principles for authentic living.” LOU BACHER, managing director, Charter Security

“Since attending your workshop, we are slowly learning to integrate the concepts and principals which you shared with us into our personal and business lives. With each small realization, risk, and change that we adopt for authenticity in our life and business we are noticing a substantial growth in confidence, openness, acceptance of others and from others, and as positive spin off, business/financial growth. Our lives as a couple, as parents and as employers are richer as we embrace what is true for us and articulate it. Also being aware and present, helps us to better understand and accept others and their truth. Mostly, my soul feels satisfied and excited, and when it does not, I have learned how to look deeper. You have given us the tools with which to look at ourselves and feel confident enough to speak out in order to re-establish that still fragile, inner balance. I think of you often and smile, I think of your wisdom and what you have taught us daily and feel very, very grateful that we listened to that small voice who told me to come to Sydney and be a part of your workshop. Thank you for your gift!” LEE TEUSNER, co-owner, Go Vita Tanunda Health Shop