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Here is a representative sample of comments by participants of Speaking Truthfully masterclasses, webinars, and personal mentoring sessions. You can see why Robert wrote and posted “Why I Love Facilitating Speaking Truthfully.”

“I was introduced to Robert’s work when I needed to make a life-changing decision. I read both Speak Truthfully and The 5 Principles of Authentic Living in one day while tears streamed down my face. The simplicity of Robert’s message of how to live an authentic life jump-started my heart, especially: speak truthfully. The effects of practicing this one teaching are massive, as I soon found out. I also had the honor of being coached by Robert, twice, which was profound and hilarious and terrifying and enlightening — as all authentic communications should be. He’s compassionate, but doesn’t mess around. I’ve worked with countless spiritual teachers, self-help gurus, therapists, and coaches and I can say with complete certainty that Robert is the real deal. He is his teachings.” SERA BEAK, Harvard-trained scholar of comparative world religions, speaker, author of Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story

“There are few men I know who have the depth of reverence and respect for women and the feminine that Robert Rabbin does, who is free in himself of patriarchal paradigms, and even fewer who are on a mission to help women liberate themselves, their Power, and their cosmic roar like he does. You won’t find a better, more qualified, authentic, and effective speaking guide and mentor than Robert Rabbin. He is a living example of what it is to show the f*#& up! He’s fearless and it’s infectious! Robert has challenged me, inspired me, awakened me and freed me in ways I was not expecting. Nobody does REAL like Robert does, with his laser-like clarity, embodied wisdom, and wicked sense of humor. He walks his talk like no other teacher/mentor I’ve ever known.” LISA PAGE, workshop leader, speaker, mentor, author

“I can’t even tell you exactly how and when in the workshop I felt my walls collapse and I must say, it feels wonderful. There was a shift that felt as if I had stepped into a much larger world than the one I have been living in. Robert provided a warm, loving, and fun environment where it became easy to feel safe enough to allow my fear and vulnerability to be visible so that it could be healed.” CAROL DANIEL, massage therapist (read the rest of Carol’s experience in her lovely article “My Weekend with Robert”)

“Thank you so much for coming to the Divine Lineage Healing Center to present your Speaking Truthfully masterclass to our staff and students. I was amazed to see how quickly they improved their speaking skills and confidence. Truly remarkable. It is inspiring to see them so effortlessly access and trust in their authentic voice. They are on fire! This is so important for our community and we begin to expand our work and outreach.” MONIKA TAYLOR, Co-Director (For additional comments from participants in this program, please see the Blog post.)

“Strap yourself in and brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime. The content of the Speaking Truthfully masterclass is so profound, you’ll create deep, lasting change across all aspects of your personal and professional life.” CARA LO IACONO, registered nurse & doula

“Robert has far more than speaking and coaching skills. He is one of the most intelligent people I know, incisive in his ability to see the best and worst qualities of those he assesses in his courses. His sharpness does not just come from his training, experience, and skill but rather from his
 intelligent, inspirational heart. He does not spare the would be speaker from what needs to be said, but he also knows how to bring the best out of his charges. Robert is fun, he is challenging, he is practical, and he has integrity. If you want to learn how to connect to your audience so they want to hear what you have to say, do Robert’s workshops.” CARLA VAN RAAY, international bestselling author, speaker

“Robert’s work is unique; he goes right to the core of what is inhibiting someone from speaking truthfully, whether that be in the forum of public speaking or in their close personal relationships or in the workplace. There were so many gems each week and I learnt so much from his input to other people’s processes as well. I felt truly heard and seen, supported and challenged to change my habitual ways of speaking and to open into my authentic voice.” ALISON PETRIE, Tantric Blossoming teacher

“In this day and age of conformity and fear, of selfhelp ‘masters’ selling you their message and methodology, Robert’s message of learning to surf the wave of life is both honest and scary. Robert himself is very funny, honest, and deep a unique mixture of jester, coach, drama teacher, explorer, mystic, and friend. Working with him is refreshing, illuminating and profound.” DIANA CORR, graphic designer

“Robert is one of the jewels in the awakening community one of a small but hopefully growing number of people that help people take awakening to the next step: answering the question of how does awakened awareness move in the world in a practical way? In this case, speaking and communication. If you want help communicating and speaking “in the real world” from a place of truth and depth, Robert’s your guy. He tells it like it is. He has a depth and breadth of experience that I trust.” MAJA APOLONIA RODE, creative director, Open Gate Sangha

“The Speaking Truthfully masterclass with Robert strikes at a deep, profound and emotional level, liberating one’s authentic nature. It allowed me to effortlessly be who I knew myself to be at my inspirational core with total peace and clarity, without need of wishful or hopeful thinking, egoic masks or needing to engage any smart mind games or tricks. Now, whenever old default patterning attempts to get in my way, I don’t need to employ any tricks or techniques, I simply remember who I am, as I did on that webinar, and that’s it, I’m there. I have enjoyed many inspirational selfdevelopment courses and gone though various levels of personal transformation as a result the Speaking Truthfully masterclass with Robert carried a special level of gravitas that unlocked constraints I had struggled to free myself from sustainably on other programmes. I think the reason for this is the authenticity and authority that Robert brings through his experience of spiritual transformation over many years in an ashram followed by insight of even greater depth through success in the more mainstream corporate world this gives the work on this course profound gravitas yet clear simplicity that, for me, cut straight to the chase allowing old layers of inhibition to easily fall away. This course is moving and inspiring, it is hilarious and profound, I highly recommend it.” SIMON W. ZIPPERLEN, Ph.D.

“Thank you so much for your time and support of our staff over the last two days. The program feedback from our 12 staff has been extraordinary, by far the best response to any training the ASRC has provided in my four years. The practical tools you provided will make each of us better communicators and people! We look forward to working with you again in the future.” PETER MCNAMARA, general manager, Asylum Seeker Resource Center

“It’s amazing. A lifechanging weekend. A spiritual perspective to become real and able to fully express every part of yourself. You’ll love it. You’ll love him.” TAMIKA HILDER, natural fertility and birth educator

“Thanks, Robert, I love who you are and what you do and how you do it.” PAUL LLEWELLYN, Minister of Parliament, Green Party, Western Australia

“It will free you. You will feel so alive. Free to be yourself. Free to play. Free to explore. Free to create.” DEBORAH STORER, author, speaker, coach, artist

“If you struggle to express yourself and to get your message across, or if you are uncomfortable communicating with others about yourself, you need to see Robert. He can help you express your truth easily.” PENNY FITZGERALD, kinesiologist

“Through attending this course, I have broken through my own self-inflicted barriers of communication. I can now be truthful, real, and totally vulnerable. And I feel sage. Who doesn’t want this in their lives?” VANESSA SIMMONDS, holistic center events coordinator

“My thoughts on public speaking have been completely turned around. This course and this teacher are awesome. Just do it. NOW! I love the fact that Robert’s teaching comes from the heart.” SANDRA BOTTRELL, Goji distributor

“Robert is a master at cradling you in one soft, safe hand, whilst at the same time pushing you gently in the back with the other. You may well feel challenged, but never threatened. And, at the same time, you will have more fun than you would have thought possible. It was a wonder to witness people achieve life-changing growth during only two days. Some even changed physically. In stepping into who they are they rediscovered their power source. They grew. They glowed. They laughed. They found their voice. I did too. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.” ALISON WILSON, speaker, consultant

“Robert delivers everything he promises, and a whole lot more, which is very surprising. The workshop is outstanding and radically different. It challenges and isn’t for the fainthearted, but if you want to learn how to speak authentically, it’s essential.” HEATHER WILKS, founder, Oh! Natural

“This is brilliant everyone can take something out of this. Insightful and dynamic in every way. I learned to how to be authentic, speak my truth, welcome silence, and live out loud. Once I learn to apply what I learned here 100% the benefits will be tenfold!” BRADLEY COCKS, VP Global Marketing, Kiwi Collection

“The workshop was fun, relaxed, and easy as well as challenging and transformational. I know my life work will take me to speaking to large audiences, and my hesitation was: What if I lose it? What if no one sees me as being credible? I received the points I needed to erase those fears. With this new understanding, I can confidently make a difference to larger audiences.” GABRIELLA ARMONDO, CEO, ASK

“If I had just overcome prespeech nerves I would have been satisfied. If I had just learned to be comfortable in front of a group of people I would have been happy. If I had just lost the habit of saying ‘um’ I would have been over the moon. Instead, I got all that and more. I truly feel like I can communicate with authenticity and therefore be engaging and effective. I’m going to relish the opportunities given to me to talk so much more than ever before. A profound and concentrated two days in which you will learn how to ‘just’ be you in any and all speaking situations. Incredibly liberating!” KATE BEZAR, editor/publisher, Dumbo feather

“Robert is a master speaker and a master trainer of speakers. He has innovated a new approach to speaking that is a profound paradigm shift from broadcasting to an audience to a much more real and organic style of communication that can’t help but to engage and enrich public speaking on our planet. He has influenced my own style of speaking profoundly, as I have gone from speaking way too fast and being disconnected from both my feelings and the audience to slowing down, being present, and fully connected with my audience. The results are breathtaking! If you want more connection, depth, fun and authenticity in your speaking style, you have got to listen to what Robert has to say.” JOHN ANDERSON, cofounder, Visionary Business Leaders

“Robert’s workshop was one of the most transformational and empowering workshops I have ever done. The exercises helped me to break through selflimiting belief patterns and fears. Robert’s gentle and supportive style encourages change and growth in every individual in the workshop. As a result of this program, I feel empowered to communicate more openly and with ease. If you would like to experience a different way of presenting and delivering the message, Robert is the expert to show you how to do that.” IDA LYALL, holistic healer, speaker

“I attribute the great learning I experienced to the fact that Robert walked his talk watching him present was a public speaking lesson in itself. Robert is a breath of fresh air when it comes to his willingness to be truly seen and to genuinely connect with an audience. Through the workshop I was able to see and let go of ways in which I hold back. I’m left feeling more at ease, confident, and willing to be myself more fully despite the opinions of others. Robert’s philosophy of playing allowed me to be more lighthearted which is most important to me.” SUZANNE SAAD, director, Breathe HR

“I attended Robert’s public speaking workshops. Although I was doing a fair bit of speaking already, I still couldn’t say that I loved it. Robert’s programs changed that for me. Robert taught me to make a genuine connection with my audience and to speak authentically. He is an expert in the field of speaking and is an entertaining and humorous speaker himself. He is also a natural at getting to the heart of what it is that holds a speaker back. In the four days that I spent in his workshops, I observed time and again how he was able to pinpoint the ‘real’ issue for each participant — it was an incredible thing to see because once this was identified, each person was able to speak to the audience in a natural, engaging manner. Robert has the art of story telling fine tuned and he’s great at teaching others how to do the same. Robert has a knack of getting to the heart of your speaking fears very quickly. He was both sensitive and direct in getting to the core issue for me. I won’t say that the workshop was the most comfortable experience of my life but it was without question one of the most powerful in terms of change. I can’t wait to give my next talk!” KATE JAMES, director, Total Balance

“Robert’s workshop is uniquely distinctive, wickedly unconventional, interactive, inspiring, and powerful jampacked with valuable life changing tools! It’s a journey of true selfdiscovery and personal transformation.” LESLEY MARRIOTT, workshop facilitator

“I highly recommend Robert if you want to become a great public speaker. He is a true master in his field. I had a huge fear of public speaking until he showed me how to connect with what was already inside of me and to express myself fearlessly. He taught me that public speaking is not different from having a conversation with your best friend; when that penny dropped, I allowed myself to stand on a stage openly and honestly with a strong sense of how I wanted to connect with my audience. How liberating!” DEANNE MATHEWS, coach, speaker, writer

“It was stunning to watch how just being present and authentic can be so powerful and effective. I feel I have grasped the value and depth of three magic words: simplicity, spontaneity, and sincerity. The relaxed style, the provocative and challenging moments, and the humor were most effective. Robert has a way of connecting with everyone. It really works: it is transformative.” DÉSIREÉ LATOUR, hypnotherapist

“I have participated in several seminars with Robert including a twoday intensive workshop. He has a wealth of experience in speaking and teaching
, he speaks from the heart and encourages and helps others to do the same. He is a compassionate man but also a very straight talker. And he is a great contributor to the community I first met him through pro bono work he was doing for the charity where I work.” PATRICK LAWRENCE, foodbank coordinator, 
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

“I attended a speaking workshop with Robert and discovered within myself the capacity to express from a place that feels open, free, with no boundaries and quite vulnerable. I have been a meditator and seeker for many years trying to find peace and freedom from the crazy, noisy seemingly continual chatter of my mind, not to mention the sometimes overwhelming emotions and feelings that kept me away from inner peace. I can honestly say that I can now access that open and free place within and speak from there. How did this happen? I stood in front of Robert’s class and looked straight into the eyes of all these strangers. By just standing there and looking at each person in the class one by one and looking into their eyes and maintaining contact with them and keeping my attention in my body as I looked at them I felt such love and peace and beauty and connection for and with everyone. From that place of connection, I spoke simply and truthfully; I spoke from this place of wonder and silence. What a relief to be able to speak from this place, rather than the insecure and habitual thought patterns that arise and take the lead role of speaker. How could I experience myself in this way so quickly, how could I finally feel that true voice inside speak without fear or confusion? It is quite simple, really. Robert asked us to listen to the words as we spoke, to hear and feel the place from where we were speaking, and as I did that, I felt connected to something beautiful inside as I talked while listening to the words arise with me from silence. It has been a real gift to be able to get up and speak while still being in touch with such a deep silent alive place that I had experienced many, many times over the years in meditation retreats, but always seemed to disappear somewhat when I got up off the floor. This place of depth and silence is always there now, it’s like a reremembering. I just notice the silence and aliveness that is there within me and speak from that. I have the strength to speak truthfully.” CHERYL WRIGHT, director, Mortgage View

“I’ve done hundreds of courses throughout my professional life and none have come close to having the impact that Robert’s has had. And it’s not just me; the feedback I’ve had from members of my team have been overwhelming, with comments such as, ‘The public speaking course was one of the best courses I’ve ever had.’ And this was from a seriously geeky software developer. If Robert can engage a senior software developer for a day he can engage anyone.

 Apart from being a great teacher and superb public speaker he is damn funny, even if he is a Yank.” DARREN LEFFANUE, service delivery manager, OBS

“I have completed a public speaking training weekend with Robert and during that weekend I learnt more from Robert and grew more in my speaking ability than I have in a year as a Toastmasters member. Robert cuts to the chase, is extremely well spoken, loves to speak his mind, and has that something special that distinguishes a magical speaker from the crowd. I highly recommend him.” GUY TEBBUTT

“I attended a couple of Robert’s courses and found him to be very different to any other presenter I have ever met. His motto, “Have Mouth, Will Travel,” suits him well. He is extremely outspoken, entertaining, sometimes cringingly honest but never cruel. He told my group that he was often accused of being arrogant and his reply is always, ‘Thank you for your opinion.’ If someone is a bit uptight and precious about themselves he may well come across as arrogant. I personally found him to be 100% authentic. Robert is a magician.” JANE GILLESPIE, author, counsellor, marriage celebrant, motivational speaker

“I had the privilege of being trained by Robert in public speaking. He is very inspiring, funny, and interesting. When assessing your abilities, he is able to point out areas that need improving without being offensive and in a way that not only makes you laugh but makes you accept your flaws and want to improve. Robert is extremely entertaining and the whole training group was in awe of him. He is very confident, charismatic and has a charm that is infectious.” EMMIE LIDIS,
 team leader,
 Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre

“I was fortunate enough to attend one of Robert’s workshops on public speaking, and to my amazement, he managed to get me to stand up there and give a speech without falling in a nervous heap, like I used to do.

Robert is not only a brilliant speaker himself, he also knows what constitutes a great speech, and a great speaker. He is down to earth, has a wicked sense of humor, and teaches with passion, authenticity, and great success.” 
LEESA COUNIHAN, photographer

“Robert is an inspirational public speaking guru who practices what he teaches authenticity, integrity, and connection. I know this from personal experience. When Robert comments on someone’s performance he connects heart to heart. Robert is a master at this he has the amazing ability to support and inspire people to take risks, connect with who they are and then reach incredible heights. He is outrageously witty, highly discerning, knowledgeable and inspiringly honest.” LINLEY ANDERSON, 
deputy principal