Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Robert about his dance with stage 4 lung cancer

BUDDHA AT THE GAS PUMP — An interview with Rick Archer, August 2015

Rick was interested in speaking with me about my spiritual adventures.

STILLNESS SPEAKS — An interview by Chris Hebard, September 2012

Chris wanted to speak with me about my spiritual journey. I had just completed chemotherapy and was still quite ill, having lost 45 pounds in the four months previous to this interview. Also, I was still going on what I call “pony rides to oblivion.” I spent most of 2012 in bed. And 2013.

SPEAKING TRUTHFULLY — A six-part interview by internet marketing guru John Anderson, about the history and essential principles of Speaking Truthfully, initially branded as, first, Presencing, and then RealTime Speaking, which morphed into Speaking Truthfully in 2012. The picture quality is not great, but the sound is, and the content is as valid today as then. This interview is a clear and succinct introduction to the principles and practices of Speaking Truthfully, and what sets it apart from conventional “public speaking” programs. October 2008; Melbourne, Australia.

SOUND BITES FROM SILENCE — This is a series of conversations that Nurit Oren — author, teacher, interviewer — and I will have about my book, “Sound Bites from Silence: Scouting Reports from the Frontier of Consciousness.” I wrote this book sometime around 2002 or so, and I attempted to express my direct experience of living in, and from, silence.

By way of introducing these conversations, Nurit has said, “In this book, Robert’s ability to express and echo the voice of silence with accuracy, dexterity, simplicity and creativity is very inspiring and elevating. Robert is a self-awareness teacher, a leadership advisor, an exceptional public speaker, an author and much more. This interview is a first in a series that is designed to create a space for Robert to lift his words off the pages for us and to allow him to give us not only a flavor of this book but also the key to approaching it from the platform from which it was written.”

In this first conversation, we speak about my motivation for writing the book, the unique styling of no capitalization or punctuation, the nature of silence and how to “enter” it, and the tension between transcendental bliss and everyday living.