In addition to the videos that are seeded throughout the website, we’ve posted another two dozen on Vimeo, organized into three thematic Albums. Just click on each Album title and you will be transported to that collection.

Speaking Truthfully11 videos
In this album, you can enjoy various videos relating to Robert’s work as a public speaking and authentic self-expression guru, including an in-depth, comprehensive six-part conversation with John Anderson.

Conversations about the Spiritual Life3 videos
This album features conversations between Robert and Rick Archer, Tim Freke, and Chris Hebard — on the themes of spirituality, meditation, non-duality, the spiritual path, spiritual activism, and more!

Conversations with Nurit Oren & Gabor Harsanyi12 videos
A series of informal conversations between Robert, author Nurit Oren, and Hungarian Master of Silence, Gabor Harsanyi. We are friends who share love, presence and joyful conversations and are now wishing to share these with others. The topics and themes we speak about include the dark night of the soul, silence, meditation, the spiritual path, the absolute, non-duality, gurus, and much more!